Presentation Skills


What are the Presentation Workshops?
In many cases at NMBU, students are expected to give an oral presentation, either in-class, with a student organization, in an oral exam or Master’s defence. While students are expected to perform well, they rarely receive instruction on how to give a strong presentation. Therefore, the Learning and Writing Centre offers a series of presentation workshops to improve the oral skills of NMBU students. The workshops teach the theory of presentations through a range of participatory activities, and an in-workshop presentation by each student.

The Importance of Oral Presentation Skills
Oral presentation skills are not only useful for students while studying at NMBU, but are also transferrable to professional life after university. Bachelor students may be asked to present their independent research in class, Master students must give an oral defence of their thesis, and within professional careers, we can all expect to attend or even host meetings.

Employers often complain that today’s graduates lack practical skills required to enter the workforce. Closing this skills gap has become a priority at many universities. Today’s employers and graduates require more than just written communication skills. In a 2011 study, 98% of employers questioned rated “oral communications skills” as important or very important to succeeding in the workplace. Indeed, including a presentation skills component into syllabuses puts NMBU in esteemed company: New York University, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) both offer dedicated oral skills courses.

To enable NMBU to fill this skills gap, The Learning Centre provides voluntary workshops each month to improve students’ oral skills. The workshops combine principles of oral communication with practical application through an in-workshop presentation. Feedback from previous students has proven positive and demand is high from the student body to continually organize and provide Oral Presentation Skills workshops.

Learning Objectives & Workshop Content
Workshops provide students with and opportunity (1) to learn how to prepare and provide engaging presentations, (2) to improve confidence in oral communication, and (3) to receive constructive feedback from fellow students.

Student Testimonials

Workshop Availability

For students:
Workshops are offered several times throughout each month.

For teaching staff:
Does your curriculum require student presentations during the semester?

Workshops are offered through an on-demand basis. Three-day and one-day workshops are available.

Minimum three students, maximum eight students per workshop.
For more information or to book workshop times, contact

For professional staff:
On-demand workshops to improve presentations in English.
E-mail details and learning outcomes, contact

What to Expect


Due to high demand from students, the Learning Centre is proud to announce new, one-day workshops to fit students’ busy schedules. Previously, Oral Presentation Skills workshops have focused on skill and confidence building through three seminars during the week. These three-day workshops will continue to be offered as demand persists.
Students are able to receive video feedback of their presentation and written feedback in order to improve their skills.

A minimum three students required to run workshops.

One-day Workshops (3 hours)

a) Five-minute student presentations (first hour)
b) Preparation, structure, and use of visuals (second hour)
c) Rhetoric and delivery (third hour)

Three-day Skill and Confidence Building Workshops

Day 1 (two hours)
a) How to structure presentations
b) How to use visual aids and present data

Day 2 (two hours)
a) Rhetorical techniques: logos, ethos and pathos
b) Presentation mechanics: poise, intonation, body language etc.

Day 3 (two hours)
a) Student presentations
b) Q&A and feedback

Workshops are offered in English, however student presentations in Norwegian are encouraged.

Published 26. June 2017 - 13:36 - Updated 26. June 2017 - 13:36