NMBU Student Journal

NMBU publishes the Journal at the end of each spring term, both online and in print. Printed copies are distributed at the annual launch ceremony, to which the Editorial Board invites authors, Review Board members, students, faculty, and university administration to celebrate the collaboration and growth that each new volume brings. Thereafter, copies can be found at the NMBU Library and online.

Writing Advisors at the former Noragric Writing Centre started the Journal in 2011, publishing the first two volumes online. At that time was titled the UMB Student Journal of International Development and Development Studies and was only open to students at Noragric. With Volume 3, however, responsibility for editing and publishing the Journal passed to an Editorial Board led by student volunteers who opened it to submissions from all study fields. In 2014, the Journal became the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences, reflecting its cross-disciplinary nature. Submissions from PhD students were accepted for the first time in 2015. Today the Editorial and Review Boards have members from all study levels and represent several academic disciplines.

Published 26. June 2017 - 13:36 - Updated 26. June 2017 - 13:36