Featured resource: Write and Cite Guide

General Writing Tips



  • Write and Cite
    Expert advice on what plagiarism is, and how to avoid it.
  • A plagiarism adventure
    Useful video from the University Library in Bergen on plagiarizing. (In Norwegian)
    Webpage with much information on plagiarism and referencing

Literature Search

  • NMBU Oria
    NMBU online search engine for academic literature
  • Databases by subject
    Overview of databases NMBU have access to for different academic disciplines
  • Google scholar
    Google's search engine for academic references


  • Subject-Verb Agreement (Concord)
    A quick guide from Grammarly on the English-grammar construct of "subject-verb agreement" or "concord."
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Examples
    A longer guide from Towson University on the concept of "subject-verb agreement."
  • Affect vs. Effect Guide
    "The arrow affected the aardvark. The effect was eye-popping." - Learn how and when to use "effect" and "affect"
  • What is a semicolon for?
    Semicolons are incredibly useful; most people don't use them properly. Check out the rules here, courtesy of the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin - Madison!
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