To create and secure high academic quality at NMBU, we must evaluate our courses and study programs. Evaluation during and after the end of the course provides important feedback of what we do well, and what we can do better.

Three steps

NMBU's course evaluation routine consists of three steps:

  1. Formative/continuous evaluation.
    All courses are to be evaluated each time they run. The course responsible are free to chooses the time and method of evaluation.

  2. Summative/final evaluation.
    The Department of Academic Affairs (Studieavdelingen) will distribute a final evaluation shortly after the end of the course. This evaluation consists of only three questions, and function as a "thermometer".

  3. Periodic evaluation.
    The course itself and as part of a study program, must be evaluated every 6th year. Both tudents and academic staff will take part in the evaluation.

Read more about the guidelines for course evaluation at KSU's website. 

Course report:

The feedback from the course evaluation(s) must be presented in a course report, and potential measures/adjustments related to your course are to be included in the report.

You submit the report directly on the NMBU website. The results from the summative evaluation will be available in your report approximately 3 weeks after the exam. 

What do I as the course responsible need to do?

  • Every course must be evaluated each time it runs. As the course responsible, it is your responsibility to conduct at least one formative/continuous evaluation. The preferred method and timing is up to you. 

  • The feedback from the course evaluations are to be presented in the course report. It is up to you how you present the feedback and the potential adjustments in the course, but keep in mind that the report should be useful for both yourself, the students and the faculty.

  • The course reports are used in the study program evaluations that are carried out in cooperation with the faculty every 6th year at the minimum.

Question bank

We have developed a question bank with questions and claims that you are free to use either as an inspiration or to copy/paste from directly.  


With MachForm you can easily create online forms to collect feedback. The forms are sent to the students as a link, and it works on all devices (mobile friendly). The students provide their feedback anonymously, and you can monitor the number of respondents. The feedback can be retrieved as graphs, diagrams or in Excel-format. To get started, you can watch the video tutorial (in Norwegian).

All employees have access to MachForm – just log in with your NMBU username and password.

NB: to get access to MachForm you must be logged on to the NMBU network. If you are not logged on to the NMBU network (if you work from home or are travelling) you can use Remote Office



Other resources


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  • Sorenson, D. & Johnson, T. (Ed.) (2003): Online Student Ratings of Instruction. JOSSEY-BASS, San Francisco.
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