NMBU Learning Philosophy

NMBU Learning Philosophy

  • We create inclusive learning environments and a good professional home.

  • Students are active participants in the academic community.

  • Learning is a student active process that promotes reflection and independence.

  • Students take responsibility for and manage their own learning.

  • Teachers facilitate, guide and support students in their learning process.

  • Students are an important learning resource for each other and actively participate in the teaching of their peers.

  • Teachers promote students' learning process underway through constructive feedback.

The Learning Philosophy is promoted by:

  • The departments develop teaching by including more student active learning methods.

  • An indicative goal at NMBU is that 25% of the time students spend in a course should be in contact with professionals, and 75% are various forms of assignments, learning activities and self-study.

  • The academic administration ensures a high level of support for the development work.

NMBUs Learning Philosophy is enacted by the Academic Board.

Published 31. October 2016 - 18:01 - Updated 10. September 2018 - 11:26