Would you like to live stream a lecture, seminar or maybe a event? -We'll help you out.

Make teaching flexible
One of our main tasks is to live stream lectures. Live streaming offers a uniqe opportunity for students who for various reasons are unable to be physically present during lecture.

Get statistics and an overview
The recordings can also be made available for the students during the semester. The lectures can be seen again and again, and thus be a useful tool for repetition.

If you do recordings whilst streaming, the software gives you the opportunity to get submitted statistics from the videolectures. That means you'll get an overview over how many who have seen the lectures, and what part of the lecture the students have seen most times. That some parts of the lecture has been seen several times could be an indicator that the subject is demanding, and thus must be explained more thoroughly.

There is also the possibility to receive footage and cut out the most central topics. Professor Solve Sæbø has been doing this in several lectures. The video below demonstrates such edited videolecture. (The video is in Norwegian).

Published 14. September 2015 - 15:31 - Updated 14. September 2015 - 15:34