Automatic lecture recordings

Automatic recordings can be set up in 9 rooms at Campus Ås. 7 of them are in the Clock building (Urbygningen), 1 of them is in the Biotechnology building and the last one is in the Tower building (Tårnbygningen):

  • U120
  • U203
  • U215 (Festsalen)
  • U224
  • U227
  • U302
  • U328
  • BT1A07 (Aastveit)
  • TU101 (Kinosalen)

You find information on the rooms’ size, seating, technical equipment etc. at romoversikt on the intranett.

Recordings are preset and will be done automatically, upon request.  

On the video recording, two windows will be displayed. The first one will display the picture on the screen you use during your presentation (e.g. the PowerPoint), the other one will show the room. To avoid recording students, the framing is set to capture the lecturer and the blackboard.

You also have the option to do a live stream if you would like to.


  • Every person who is going to hold a lecture, must give their consent to be recorded. This includes guest speakers.
  • Students must be informed that the lectures are being recorded. Give this information in writing in Canvas, but also verbally during the lecture.
  • Use the stationary computer in the room. We do not recommend connecting a laptop because of instability.
  • Lectures that last for two hours (or more) will be recorded in separate turns. This is to avoid students being filmed during the breaks. Each recording starts precisely 15 minutes past the hour and is stopped exactly 45 minutes later.
  • We recommend you make use of the drawing program on the computer (the smartboard), as it may be difficult to see what is being written on the black-/whiteboard on the recording. We do not recommend using the document camera because of instability. 
  • Use the microphone. Remember to put it back for charging when you are done.
  • In BT1A07/Aastveit you MUST use the right canvas/screen (the one closest to the inside wall), but preferably use both to be sure that the screen image is being taped to the recorder.
  • Let us know if the lecture is cancelled or moved so we can cancel the recording. If this is not done, we risk recording someone who neither know they are being filmed nor wish to be. 

Mute the microphone during the break so that conversations with students are not recorded.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, the recordings are published in the respective Canvas course, under the tab Mediasite Catalogue.

All recordings are protected by Feide, meaning you have to be a student or employee at NMBU to be able to watch the video (unless otherwise agreed upon). 

The video recordings will not be deleted after the semester is over, they will still be accessible in Canvas. Students have reading access to their previous courses in Canvas.

If you wish to unpublish lecture recordings, we need to be made aware of this at: We will only accept requests about this from the course responsible or subject teacher.


  • You may retrieve some analytics from the recordings and do some simple editing. Contact us if you would like this access.
  • The blackboard in the room will be recorded, but it may be difficult for the viewers of the video to see what is being written on it. Therefore, it may be useful to know that the stationary computers in the rooms have a drawing program integrated, meaning you can write/draw directly onto your PowerPoint. You can also save the drawn upon version and share it with the students later. 
  • Are you using a laser pointer to mark things on the screen? The red spot will not be visible on the recording, Logitech Spotlight may be a suitable alternative. With this you can highlight, enlarge, and zoom in on the content you wish to focus on.

If you wish to do a «flipped classroom» or make use of video in other ways in your teaching, we recommend you visit our studio or make your own customized snippets using screen recording.


For information:

We use the system Mediasite for lecture recordings, a service provided by Unit.

Published 4. September 2020 - 11:09 - Updated 4. September 2020 - 11:09