About us

About us

The Learning Center is NMBUs resource center for learning, and the use of ICT in teaching. Our role is to be sparring partners for the academic staff and assist their development and challenges for achieving the goal of teaching excellence and education.

Student employees 
Our FilmTeam consists mainly of students here at NMBU, who are highly competent and have a burning interest in the subject of film. Working with students gives us a unique insight to the student perspective, and the collaboration is a valuable connection. Click here to visit the NMBU Film page.

  • Mike Moulton

    Senior adviser and leader of the Learning Center.


    Academic background:

    • B.A. Geography - University of California, Berkeley.
    • Cand. agric - Landbrukshøyskolen, Ås.
    • M.Sc in Education: Online Teaching and Learning – California State University, Hayward. Spesialisering i “faculty training”.

    Pedagogy and learning, technology-enhanced learning, communication.

    Helps with:
    Educational guidance and development, project management, lectures and courses.


    Jamissen, G. and Moulton, M (in press): Digital Storytelling for Mediating Interprofessional Collaboration. Utgis i: International Anthology on Digital Storytelling in Higher Education.

    Lekang O., Moulton M. and Eleftheriou,M. (2014): An overview of European Master Programmes in the aquaculture sector. Utgis i: "Advances in teaching and Learning in Aquaculture:  the role of the ERASMUS Thematic Network AQUA-TNET in response to the Bologna reforms.” Springer forlag.

    Waldenstrøm, C., Salomonsson, L., Francis, C., Moulton, M. and Lieblein, G. (2008): Individualized student-centred education: prototype for an agroecology BSc programme. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 6(4) 2008, Pages 236–247.

    Moulton, M. (2008) Reflections on Screenagers, Faculty Development and Net-Supported LearningTurkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE April 2008 ISSN 1302-6488 Volume: 9 Number: 2 Notes for Editor-1.

  • Elisabeth Dyb



    Academic background:
    Masters in Education from the University of Oslo.
    Specialization in the use of technology for learning in the workplace.

    Pedagogy in general, knowledge-sharing and -transfer in particular. Educational use of technology.

    Helps with:
    Educational advice and initiatives in relation to teaching. 
    Editor of the Learning Center's web page.