Who is eligible?

  • The pension age in Norway is 67 years. As an employee at NMBU, one may continue working untill one is 70 if one chooses to do so. Early retirement with a reduced pension may be taken from 62.
  • 3 years of employment is required to get a pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund  and the National Pension Fund (one year for EEA-citizens).

Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens Pensjonskasse)

  • Anyone working more than 14 hours per week for more than 60 days in Norwegian public service is a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens Pensjonskasse). A compulsory deduction is made (2% of gross pay at present), and the University makes an employer's contribution (12,12 % of gross pay at present).
  • To qualify, one must have a membership period of at least 3 years. This may consist of any number of periods of employment of more than 60 days.
  • A full pension is 66% of your final pay (index-adjusted to the year the pension starts), adjusted according to percentage employment and membership period. A full pension requires a full post with 30 years employment (for those who leave state service, 30-40 years depending on how long one would have been a member if one had continued until the retirement age.) For further information please consult the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund website. 

National Pension Scheme (Folketrygden)

  • To gain pension points in the National Pension Scheme one must have an annual income of more than the base rate in the social security system. (At present 75.641 NOK). The full pension accummulation period is 40 years. This pension is co-ordinated with the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund which usually pays more.
  • For a detailed overview please consult the brochure The Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme ( published by the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.
  • EEA nationals may receive a pension from Norway even though they have served for less than 3 years. This is because pensions are co-ordinated in Europe. When approaching retirement age, the social security authorities in the current country of residence must be informed about the work period in Norway. The national authority will contact the appropriate Norwegian authority and co-ordinate the pension payments, if there are any.
  • Non-EEA nationals must have minimum 3 years' service to qualify for a pension. In this case they will usually qualify for a pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund and need apply only to them. 

What happens when you leave?

  • Pension contributions can not be transferred to any other pension fund or refunded to contributers moving abroad.
  • Contributions will only be paid out when the contributor reaches retirement age according to Norwegian law.
  • If you are not in service for the Norwegian State when approaching retirement age, contact the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund half a year before turning 67 to make sure they have all the information they need.
Published 9. April 2014 - 11:16 - Updated 2. February 2016 - 13:13