Public transportation

  • The best alternative to get around in Ås, is by walking. Yo can easily visit Ski, Drøbak or Oslo either by bus or train. Information regarding tickets and timetables is available at the Ruter’s Customer Service Centre and Service Points (public transport in Oslo and Akershus) ( and on its website Ruter (
  • There are several alternatives when it comes to public transport in Oslo: Buses, trams, subways (T-bane), local trains and bicycles are all efficient ways of getting around the city.
  • In Oslo, single tickets, ticket coupons and transportation passes can be used on all public transport within the city limits, including NSB local trains and boats to the local islands, Bygdøy and Hovedøya, see overview of tickets and fairs (
  • Buy your ticket before you get on board. Ticket coupons and transportation passes can be bought on your mobile phone, at 7-eleven shops, Narvesen kiosks, Deli De Luca, Mix, or by using the ticket machines located at Metro stations, the larger bus and tram interchanges, and in train stations (e.g. Ås station).

Oslo Citybikes

One of over 100 Citybike stands in Oslo

  • For NOK 299 a year you can buy a card which allows you to use a city bike. Cards are available at oslobysykkel ( (Norwegian). The bicycles are placed at over 100 various locations in the centre of Oslo. You can use the same bike for up to three hours before you need to park it at a city bike station. You may then pick up another bike at the same or any other bike station. Bike locks are not allowed. The bikes can only be parked at the city bike stations.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Norwegian bicycle rules before mounting a bike for the first time in Norway!

Car rental

Cars can be rented froma wide range of car rental companies ( in Oslo. An inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to owning a car is membership in the Oslo car pool ( (Norwegian).

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