Ås in brief

Ås is a municipality in the centre of Follo in Akershus county about 35 km south of Oslo. The administrative center can be reached by train on Østfoldbanen, and both E18 and E6 runs through the municipality. Neighbouring towns are Oppegård, Ski, Hobøl, Vestby and Frogner.

Ås municipality has 17 638 inhabitants per 1. April 2013 and is just over 100km2 in extent, characterized by an open landscape dominated by agricultural land. Ås is host to the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). The institution and its research characterize the community center and represent one of the major employers. In Vinterbro / Nordby area in the north there is a significant trade and industry. It also has the largest amusement park in Norway, Tusenfryd.

The municipality has seven elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. They are three parishes in Ås; Kroer, Ås and Nordby.

Pictures from Ås (from Ås avis)

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