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    Lena Marie Kjøbli

Please download the new app "Donkey republic"

Bygdebike is a unique bike-sharing programme between Campus NMBU and Ås
station. You can park by locking the bike to the Bygdebike bike rack at Ås
station or to any bike hubs/stations on Campus NMBU.

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Contact environmental coordinator Lena Marie Kjøbli should problems arise or should you have experiences
you think others can learn from.


Download the "Donkey republic" app and you are on your way (Android and IOS).  Consult the user guides to familiarise yourself with how to use the programme. You can park by locking the bike to the Bygdebike bike rack at Ås station or to any bike rack on CampusNMBU. NB: Remember to use the app to "end rental". when you are done.

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The possibility of having a bike-sharing programme at Ås has been studied for several years, but has not been possible to realise. In a student
assignment from 2014, four students (Emilie Midttveit Bollingberg, Jonatan Nordang Paz, Åsa Haaland and David Ema) presented a business idea that involved
buying simple bikes with app-based locks, which they called "Bygdebike". A survey conducted by TØI in May last year showed that
there is quite a lot of interest in such a programme among those who commute by train to and from Ås. The students presented the idea to Estates and
Facilities, and based on this work NMBU chose to submit a funding application to the Akershus county administration.

In October 2015, NMBU received NOK 320,000 from the Akershus county administration to purchase up to 100 bikes for a bike-sharing programme in
Ås. NMBU is the project manager and collaborates with the Ås municipality and Åspro.

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