For Employees

This also applies to mopeds and motorcycles.

To recive a parking permit you must:

  • Download APCOA FLOW
  • Create a user account
  • Register all wehicles
  • Load agrement in MENY - FORDELSPARKERING - legg til - Universiteter og høyskoler - NMBU

The parking coverage at Campus Ås is regulated by the Ås municipality. The parking regulations have been adopted by the Rector. The system is implemented by a parking company for a fixed price and NMBU receives the revenue from fees.

Each staff member can register one vehicle at the time. Parking is free of charge! Follow the signage at each location.

Parking areas
The parking areas are reserved for "staff" or "staff and students" during weekdays from 0800 to 1700. On weekends and public holidays, all parking spots may be used freely. A vehicle may be parked in the same spot for a maximum of 24 hours.

Access to a charging station: see the parking map and signage at each location. In some locations there are multiple parking spots for each charging station, so that several vehicles may be charged without anyone having to move their car.

Parking is permitted for loading and unloading purposes for a maximum of 15 minutes in front of all buildings.

Motorcycles and mopeds must park in spots designated for cars or motorcycles, but may park outside of marked areas in parking lots provided they are not outside the actual parking lot and do not obstruct others. Motorcycles and mopeds cannot park in bicycle parking lots.

The parking map is available here.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Staff can register more than one vehicle but the digital parking permit is valid for only one vehicle at a time.  Always make sure that the wehicle you park is the one that have the permition in APCOA FLOW - FORDELSPARKERING
  • If a handicap parking spot is needed for a shorter period, staff and students can email, which will provide a digital parking permit.
  • Service cars are uniformed cars such as from Bring, DHL, NMBU, NIBO and cars approved as service cars by Property Services (contact for more information). Uniformed cars do not need a digital parking permit.
  • A special need for extra parking may arise in connection with events, meetings and teaching. Please contact well in advance to find suitable solutions.

Questions about the parking system
If you have questions about the parking system, contact You can complain on parking ticket here:

Published 23. August 2017 - 8:53 - Updated 9. October 2020 - 15:23