Parking at Campus Ås

From 1 July 2017, users (students ang emplyees) administer their parking permits themselves. However, Q-park experienced a system error that caused parking permits for some previously registered users to not be renewed automatically.

To receive a parking permit you must:

  • Register your mobile number
  • Create a user account in Q-park's parking system
  • Create a parking agreement

Clik "student" or "employees"  to read more about parking at Campus Ås and to create a parking agreement.

Parking rules for Campus Adamstuen

Drivers must familiarise themselves with the current parking regulations (signs) before parking on NMBU's grounds. 

Parking stickers are available from NMBU Estates and Facilities in Building 10 on Campus Adamstuen.

The parking regulations are indicated on signs at the entrances to the campus. The parking regulations apply all day, every day. Parking on NMBU's grounds is only permitted for employees and students at NMBU, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (VI), the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and guests. The same conditions apply for parking of electric vehicles and people with impaired mobility.


Vehicles may only be parked in marked parking spaces in NMBU's car park (including the gravel area next to the driveway and next to the football pitch). Parking is not allowed along the avenue towards Lindern.

Parking permits

All parked vehicles must display a parking permit (sticker) from NMBU, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute or the Norwegian Food Safety Authority in a clearly visible position behind the front windscreen. Parking permits for employees and students are only valid in parking spaces reserved for these groups and do not entitle the holders to park in the guest car park.

Parking times

The maximum parking time is two days. In the period 1 November to 1 May, parking is prohibited between midnight and 6 AM without special permission from NMBU Estates and Facilities.

Disabled parking and electric vehicles

There are special parking spaces reserved for people with impaired mobility and electric vehicles (marked with combi signs) at the end of Building 10. Both these user groups must have a parking permit (sticker) clearly displayed behind the front windscreen. People with impaired mobility must also have a public parking permit.


NMBU Estates and Facilities patrols the car park on behalf of NMBU.


Any sanctions for violations of the parking regulations shall be proportionate to the nature of the offence. Parking fines shall not exceed the parking fee pursuant to the national regulations on public parking and parking fines, currently NOK 500. Gross violations of the parking regulations may result in removal of the vehicle at the owner's expense.


Published 23. August 2017 - 8:50 - Updated 14. August 2019 - 13:10