Addresses for visiting and delivery

Norwegian University of Life Sciences has visiting/delivery adresses spread across the campus areas in both Oslo and Ås. In order to secure door-to-door delivery it is important to use the correct street adress every time. Please note the different postal code for postal adress and visiting/delivery adress, this applies for both campus Adamstuen and campus Ås.  


Delivery/visiting address (Adamstuen, Oslo):

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Ullevålsveien 72, 0454 Oslo, NORWAY

Production Animal Clinical Sciences 
– building 4, building 11 and building 13
– Department for sheep research, Svebastadveien 112, 4325 Sandnes, NORWAY

Companion Animal Clinical Sciences
– building 11 and building 2

Basic Sciences and Aquatic Medicine
– building 1 and building 14

Food Safety and Infection Biology
– building 12, building 15 and building 18


Delivery/visiting address (Ås) :

Faculty of Landscape and Society

Tivoli, Universitetstunet 1, 1433 Ås

Urban and Regional Planning
Fredrik A. Dahls vei 15, 1433 Ås

Property and Law
Kirkeveien 25, 1433 Ås

Public Health Sciences
Fredrik A. Dahls vei 15, 1433 Ås

Landscape Architecture
Fredrik A. Dahls vei 15, 1433 Ås

International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric
Universitetstunet 1, 1433 Ås


Faculty of Biosciences:

Arboretveien 6, 1433 Ås

Animal and Aquacultural Sciences
Department: Arboretveien 6, 1433 Ås (Oluf Thesens veg)
Fish tank facility: Arboretveien 40, 1433 Ås 
Metabolism research facility: Syverudveien 27, 1433 Ås

Plant Sciences
Chr.M. Falsensvei 18, 1st floor, 1433 Ås

The department also has employees at these addresses, please ask the recipient to specify delivery address:


Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences:

Chr. M. Falsens vei 1, 1433 Ås


Faculty of Science and Technology:

Drøbakvn 31, 1433 Ås

Some units have delivery addresses in Kajaveien 3-11, please ask the recipient to specify delivery address:

Science teacher education
Kirkeveien 1, 1433 Ås


Faculty of Environmental and Natural Resource Management:

The faculty is divided between two addresses at Campus Ås:

Høgskoleveien 12, 1433 Ås
Fougnerbakken 3, 1433 Ås


School of Economics and Business:

Chr. Magnus Falsens vei 18, 3rd. floor, 1433 Ås


Other units:

Small Animal Clinic, building 11
The Equine Clinic, building 3
Ullevålsvn. 72, 0454 Oslo

Ås farm, The Animal Production Experimental Centra: Syverudveien 27, 1433 Ås 
Fur animals: Syverudveien 111, 1433 Ås
Center for Feed Technology, Arboretveien 10, 1433 Ås 

Centre for Plant Research in Controlled Climate: Kirkeveien 16, 1433 Ås

Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE): Arboretveien 6, 1433 Ås 

Centre for Continuing Education: Universitetstunet 2, 1433 Ås


Administration has employees on both Campus Adamstuen (Oslo) and Campus Ås.  Please ask the recipient to specify delivery address.

Delivery address Adamstuen: Ullevålsvn. 72, 0454 Oslo – building 1

Delivery addresses Ås:
Research department, Academic Administrations, Human relations, Communication department: Universitetstunet 3, 1433 Ås
Economy department, Salary department, IT department: Fredrik A. Dahlsvei 20, 1433 Ås. Please ask the recipient to specify correct floor.

Property Services Ås:
Administration:  Universitetstunet 2, 1433 Ås
Park department: Nursery, Åsbakken 6, 1433 Ås
Building repairs: Norderås, Kongeveien 30, 1433 Ås
Project: UR, Ole Sverres plass 7, 1433 Ås

University Library: Chr. M. Falsens vei 18, 1. etg., 1433 Ås

Student Information Centre: Ole Sverres plass 1, 1433 Ås

Service Centre: Universitetstunet 3, 1433 Ås


Studentsamskipnaden (student welfare organisation)
Adm. - Frederik A. Dahls vei 3, 1433 Ås

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