Service Centre

At Campus Adamstuen the Service Centre is in Building 1.

In Ås, we are located at the ground  floor of  Cirkus (Universitetstunet 3) with access from the main entrance to Cirkus and out towards Tårnbygningen.

Services at the Service Centre:

The Switchboard handles phone calls to NMBU's main number + 47 67 23 00 00. On request we can add "out of office" messages for specific employees in the telephone system.

The Service Centre is NMBU's main reception. We welcome visitors to the University and guide them on through the NMBU system. We also issue temporary parking permits and guest parking permits. The Reception area in Ås has a seating area and newspapers for people who want to sit here and read.

Lost property
The Service Centre in Cirkus acts as Campus Ås' lost property office. If you find a lost item or if you have lost something, please contact us – either in person or over the phone.

Post service
The post service at Campus Ås is also located in the Service Centre. The post service dispatches incoming and outgoing post and distributes external and internal post at Campus Ås.

Access cards
The Service Centre at Campus Ås can produce access cards for employees, students and affiliates. Call us in advance to be sure that we have the capacity to produce a card for you when you arrive.  

Hiring rooms
The Service Centre administers occasional and short-term rent of rooms at Campus Ås outside normal working hours for employees and students at NMBU.

NMBU oppdaterer telefonsystemene. Det kan medføre redusert tilgjengelighet.

The Service Centre handles a number of key tasks at NMBU, including NMBU's Switchboard.


Published 1. February 2016 - 15:15 - Updated 1. February 2016 - 15:41