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The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) shall be recognized for its outstanding research and important contributions to knowledge-based innovation and value creation for sustainable social development.

NMBU will increase the visibility of its innovation activities, create a culture for entrepreneurship and provide students and staff with opportunities to transform ideas and results from research into solutions for society. NMBU will contribute to open innovation processes.


Organization of work:

NMBU’s ecosystem for value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship includes the activities of its faculties in these areas and their cooperation with the private and public sectors, the educational offers in entrepreneurship and innovation, ARD Innovation AS (Technology Transfer Office), Inkubator Ås AS and Eik idea Workshop.

 NMBU will contribute to innovation activities for students and staff and give them the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills

  • NMBU will educate qualified candidates with entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary skills, and work to ensure that more study programs have learning activities related to the development of entrepreneurial skills.
  • NMBU will include innovation activities at different levels of education and enable more students to do internships as part of their study program.
  • NMBU will further develop and create new venues for interaction, networking and idea development (Idea workshop), CoWorkingSpace and similar concepts.
  • NMBU will enable external individuals to contribute to teaching.

    NMBU will contribute to innovation and value creation in society by increasing cooperation with external partners

  • NMBU will have a professional support system for cooperation with external partners – incl. research institutions, private and public sector and other organizations.
  • NMBU will increase the availability of laboratories and research centers for start-up companies and other external partners.
  • NMBU will strive to increase the number of major centers with long-term financing in cooperation with external partners.
  • NMBU will facilitate mobility between the university and the private- and public sector.

    NMBU will ensure that new knowledge and research-based ideas are developed to benefit society

  •  NMBU will have suitable infrastructure with meeting-, office- and laboratory facilities contributing to the interaction between internal and external partners, facilitating further development of research-based ideas
  • NMBU will support idea-capture from students and staff.
  • NMBU will facilitate research-based ideas with a commercial potential to be successful in innovation and industrialization.
  • NMBU will be a professional owner of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) supporting the university's strategy and societal mission.
  • NMBU will ensure that innovation and commercialization are valued.
  • NMBU will communicate experiences about the university's students, doctoral candidates, research, competence, innovation and value creation nationally and internationally.
  • NMBU will gain insight into and knowledge about the students' and doctoral candidates’ contribution to society.
Published 29. January 2020 - 14:43 - Updated 29. January 2020 - 15:18