Masters theses

You must always submit an electronic version of your master’s thesis in Brage – even if you restrict access to the thesis.

Submission to and publication in Brage in brief:

  • If you have submitted your master thesis without getting the receipt on E-mail, please let us know! E-mail to the Brage  group
  • Step by step-guide (format PDF / 91 KB) to submitting your thesis to Brage
  • The thesis must be submitted in PDF format.
  • The thesis file has to be the same one in Brage as in WISEflow 
  • The University Library will publish the thesis (if it is not confidential - select Thesis - Confidential thesis) in Brage so that the full content will be openly available in full-text version on the internet.

The advantages of using Brage:

  • Your thesis will be stored in Brage, NMBU’s electronic research archive, and will always be accessible via a permanent internet address.
  • You will retain the copyright to your thesis, while NMBU is permitted to publish it in Brage.
  • Brage is indexed by Google Scholar.
  • Brage observes the international OAI (Open Archives Initiative) standard for exchange of metadata, and your thesis is therefore retrievable via national and international information services such as NORA and OAIster.
  • Publication online is also a way of marketing your master’s thesis to a wider audience.

Submission of previous thesis
Students who have left NMBU can contact the Brage group for publication of previously approved theses.


Published 28. April 2010 - 11:00 - Updated 26. November 2020 - 15:15