Masters theses

You must always submit an electronic version of your master’s thesis in Brage – even if you restrict access to the thesis.

Submission to and publication in Brage in brief:

  • If you have submitted your master thesis without getting the receipt on E-mail, please let us know! E-mail to the Brage  group
  • Step by step-guide (format PDF / 91 KB) to submitting your thesis to Brage
  • The thesis must be submitted in PDF format.
  • The thesis file has to be the same one in Brage as in WISEflow 
  • The University Library will publish the thesis (if it is not confidential - select Thesis - Confidential thesis) in Brage so that the full content will be openly available in full-text version on the internet. 
  • Not sure? See our checklist

Information from SiT 

The advantages of using Brage:

  • Your thesis will be stored in Brage, NMBU’s electronic research archive, and will always be accessible via a permanent internet address.
  • You will retain the copyright to your thesis, while NMBU is permitted to publish it in Brage.
  • Brage is indexed by Google Scholar.
  • Brage observes the international OAI (Open Archives Initiative) standard for exchange of metadata, and your thesis is therefore retrievable via national and international information services such as NORA and OAIster.
  • Publication online is also a way of marketing your master’s thesis to a wider audience.

Permission to make material available in Brage NMBU

1.1 The author hereby grants NMBU a free, non-exclusive right to make the submitted electronic material, hereinafter called the material, available in electronic form via Brage NMBU.

1.2 The author grants Brage NMBU's users the right to freely copy and distribute the material on non-commercial terms. Commercial use of the material is only permitted by special agreement with the author or a party representing the author.

2 NMBU's obligations and responsibilities 2.1 NMBU shall provide access to the material in the form in which it was submitted to NMBU, including text, tables, graphics, images, multimedia content etc., but subject to such technical adaptations as are deemed necessary for publication.

2.2 NMBU shall protect the material from being changed by unauthorised persons/third parties insofar as this is possible given the technical solutions used.

2.3 NMBU shall not have any rights to the material over and above the rights explicitly set out in this agreement.

2.4 NMBU is not liable for the content of material published via Brage NMBU or for any other actions on the part of the author. NMBU shall not be liable for any damage or loss that arises in connection with this agreement, unless the damage or loss was caused wilfully or by gross negligence on the part of NMBU or a party for which NMBU is responsible. Such liability shall not cover indirect damage or loss.

3 The author's obligations and responsibilities

3.1 The author shall comply with NMBU’s guidelines for publication in Brage.

3.2 When entering into agreements with journals, publishing companies etc. for the publication of material covered by this agreement, the author shall endeavour to safeguard NMBU’s rights under this agreement in the best possible way.

3.3 It is up to the author to clarify which consequences publication of the material in Brage will have in relation to publishing companies, journals or other copyright holders. The author guarantees that he/she is the author of the submitted material and has complete freedom to dispose of it. If any other parties have rights that rule out publication in electronic form via Brage without permission from a third party, the author must obtain the necessary consent. If the material has more than one author, the author who has submitted the material guarantees that he/she has obtained the necessary consent from the other authors. If the material or parts thereof has previously been published in a journal or by a publishing company, or if there are plans to publish the material or parts thereof in a journal or through a publishing company, the author guarantees that he/she has obtained the necessary consent from the journal/publishing company.

3.4 The author guarantees that the material neither contains material that can be deemed to come into conflict with applicable Norwegian law nor contains links to any such material.

3.5 If NMBU should become liable in damages in relation to a third party because the author has not fulfilled his/her obligations under this agreement, the author shall indemnify NMBU. 

4 Transfer and termination of the agreement 4.1 NMBU can only transfer its rights and/or obligations under this agreement to a third party on the condition that the author’s interests under the agreement are safeguarded in the transfer agreement.

4.2 NMBU has an unlimited right to suspend access to the material.

Submission of previous thesis
Students who have left NMBU can contact the Brage group for publication of previously approved theses.


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