Before your document is published in Brage you will have to accept an agreement for electronic publication. The essence of this agreement is that the author retains copyright to the publication, but permits NMBU to publish it in NMBU's open research archive – Brage.

The author must clarify the consequences of publishing material in Brage in relation to publishing companies, journals or other copyright holders. By accepting the agreement you assure that you have obtained necessary concent from all parties involved.

Note: you will not be able to publish your document via Brage unless you accept this agreement while submitting. Consequently there is no need to print out this agreement unless someone else is submitting your document on your behalf. The agreement will only have to be accepted once per document and not by every co-author.


Published 22. July 2014 - 13:42 - Updated 6. September 2022 - 9:58