Agreements on Open Access publishing

Selected journals, titles published by various academic societies in particular, are not covered by the agreements. For publishing with SAGE, the agreement covers costs for hybrid (subcription) journals, though the author receives a 20% discount on publication costs when publishing in fully open access journals.

The Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers allows you to check if a specific journal is part of an agreement.

Use Journal Checker Tool to see if a journal is compliant with cOAlitionS (PlanS).

Be aware that agreements are valid only until the quota for publications has been met.

Publications covered by the terms of the agreements will, naturally, not be eligible for any support from NMBU’s publication fund.


To publish cost free under one of the agreements, the following terms generally apply:

  • Corresponding author must be affiliated with NMBU and choose the correct affiliation while submitting a manuscript
  • Open publication must be chosen upon submission (e.g. Elsevier) or after a manuscript has been accepted (e.g. Wiley)
  • Publications will have open licenses for reuse and distribution, mainly CC-BY
Published 8. November 2019 - 13:43 - Updated 4. November 2021 - 10:56