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E-journal packages

American Chemical Society
Chemistry - 35 journals.

ASABE publications (cancelled 01.01.2020)
- ASABE Journals
- ASABE Standards
- Annual Meeting Papers
- Section Meeting Papers
- Conference Proceedings
- Textbooks and Teaching Materials
- Monographs
- Special Publications
- Lecture Series

ASM Journals
Journals published by American Society for Microbiology.

BioOne.1 / BioOne.2
160 journals from different publishers.
Biological, ecological and environmental sciences.

Byggtjeneste (The Norwegian Building Centre) (cancelled 01.01.2020)
Building rules and products for architects, consulting engineers, builders and the authorities.

Health Library / Helsebiblioteket
Health sciences and medicine.

Nearly 50 Norwegian (and Nordic) journals.
Law, education, health and social work, social studies, humanities, economics and science.

Collections in subscription:
- Arts & Sciences I
- Arts & Sciences II
- Business I (Economy and finance, 50 journals)
- Business II (Economy and finance, 60 journals)
- Life Sciences (Biological-, health-, and general sciences, 120 journals)
Scanned backfiles (mostly starting with vol. 1 of each journal), no recent volumes.
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Journal in subscription:
- Nature (incl. Nature News)
Due to rising subscription costs, the University Library has to reduce the amount of journal subscriptions.
More information about journal cancellations.
List of cancelled journals from Nature:
- Heredity
- Nature Biotechnology
- Nature Cell Biology
- Nature Climate Change
- Nature Genetics
- Nature Geoscience
- Nature Medicine
- Nature Neuroscience
- Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
- Nature Reviews Genetics
- Nature Reviews Immunology
- Nature Reviews Microbiology
- Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
- Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Oxford Journals
170 journals from Oxford UP.

SAGE Premier - New 2012
600 journals.
Business, humanities, social science, science, technology, and medicine.

1997-present via www.sciencemag.org.
1880- via JSTOR but not the last five years.

1995-present: Freedom-Collection.
1800 journals published by Elsevier, Academic Press, Harcourt Publishers Ltd and others.
Business, psychology, medicine, science and technology.
- Backfile Package: Agricultural and Biological Sciences (118 journals).
- Backfile Package: Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine (21 journals).

1400 journals from Springer/Kluwer (merged in 2004).
SpringerLink offers online access to both journals and books (2011-present) .
- Backfile Package: Springer Archives (1293 journals).

Taylor & Francis New 2015
1600 journals.
Collections in subscription:
- Science & Technical (425 journals).
- Social Science & Humanities (1165 journals).
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1200 journals from Wiley/Blackwell (merged in 2008).

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