EBSCO eBooks

Accessing e-books

  • You must be connected to the NMBU network.
  • Search for e-books in the library database Oria. Limit your search results to Resource Type – E-books.
  • Or find e-books in the EBSCO eBook Academic Collection.

Reading e-books online or printing/saving a limited number of pages

All EBSCO e-books can be read online. Up to 100 pages of an e-book can be printed or saved as a PDF file. Open the e-book to find out how many pages you can print or save.  

Creating an EBSCO account

You can create your own EBSCO account. Choose Sign In and Create New Account.

Having an account allows you to:


  • Download e-books
  • Save e-books in a folder
  • Make notes


Downloading e-books

Most of the e-books can be downloaded and read offline. Download duration is usually 7 days and for most titles you can choose either PDF or ePub format.

How to download e-books:


  • Create an EBSCO account.
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions.
    NMBU employees can find Adobe Digital Editions in the Application Catalog on their computer desktop.
  • Sign in to your EBSCO account and select Download.
    You can choose Download duration and format.


See information about the Adobe Digital Editions’ privacy policy.

Reading e-books on your mobile device

You can read e-books online or you can download e-books to your mobile device.

How to download e-books to your mobile device:


  • Create an EBSCO account
  • Create an Adobe ID
  • Download the Bluefire Reader App: Android, iOS (Apple), Kindle Fire
  • Authorize the Bluefire Reader App with your Adobe ID:
    1. Open the Bluefire App
    2. Enter your Adobe ID and password
    3. Tap Authorize


If you have an Apple device, you must use the Safari browser and allow pop-ups. See EBSCO’s User Guide for more information.

See information about the Adobe Digital Editions’ privacy policy.

User guides

See EBSCO eBooks User Guide.

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