Campus ÅS


Name  Phone      Line of work
Andreassen, Lisbeth Gunvor 
Senior Adviser
Egner, Bendik
Senior Librarian
 +4767230401 Cataloguing
Ellingsen, Liv T.
Senior Librarian
 +4767231323 Noragric Library
Eriksen, Lisbeth
Senior Librarian
 +4767230403 Cristin / Brage (Open Access)
Fønhus, Beate M.
Senior Librarian
 +4767230404 Public services/ EndNote
Grønseth, Sissel
Senior Librarian
 +4767230405 Brage Public Services / Courses
Hvaale, Ingeborg
Academic Librarian
 Digital Services / Web 
Hølvold, Linn Benjaminsen
Senior Research Librarian
 +4767230415 Open research data / Open access / Courses
Langsholt, Hilde Kristin
Senior Librarian
 +4767231331 Communication / Events
Ludwig, Dagmar Bettina
Academic Librarian
 +4767230422 Courses / Sørhellinga Library
Mildestveit, Hallvard
Senior Librarian
 +4767230448 Public services/ Leganto
Ombustvedt, Anne-Helen
Higher Executive Officer
 +4767231732 Sørhellinga Library
Pedersen, Mona Roaas
Higher Executive Officer
+4767230667 Office/ Library Work
Rosvoll, Geir Arne
Library Director
 +4767230412 Library Director
Sogge, Ann
Senior Librarian
 +4767230413 Public Services / Courses
Westby, Marit Irene
Higher Executive Officer
 +4767232662 IHA Library
Zirek, Alma Grethe Viken
Senior Executive Officer
 +4767230601 Office/ Library Work



Name  Phone      Line of work
Riege, Nina Eskild
Head of section
  +4767230437 Head of section
Søgnen, Hilde
Academic Librarian
  +4767230408 Public Services


Published 10. September 2008 - 13:00 - Updated 23. April 2019 - 13:09

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