Rights Clearance

The Kopinor Higher education licence requires curriculum and other necessary learning material in the form of book excerpts to be registered for clearance in Bolk when it is copied and made available for the students. This applies even if the excerpts will not be included in a coursepack. The Kopinor licence gives you the right to copy up to 15 % of a book. The right to use excerpts that exceed 15 % can be bought through Bolk.   


Bolk can also be used to create digital coursepacks to share with the students on Canvas. You select the content in Bolk by searching for title, author or ISBN among the six million titles in the database. It is also possible to edit a previously compiled coursepack. After the title is chosen, the actual excerpts are selected by entering the page numbers, and the excerpt will be added to the list of content. If the content exists in Bolk the file will be provided at no extra cost. It is also possible to upload your own files. When all selected excerpts are cleared, and Bolk has all the content in place, the coursepack file will be delivered instantly. The pdf-file, including front page and index, is ready to be uploaded to Canvas.

Get started with Bolk

The NMBU University Library administers Bolk at NMBU and creates user accounts. Contact the Library at to be added as a user. When you are added as a user, you can log in using your Feide-ID.

How to use Bolk

Read more about using Bolk here.


Bolk Support at NMBU

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