Animal and Aquacultural Sciences

We contribute to the food production of the future through both basic and applied research. Our field of expertise covers traditional farm animals on land as well as those that live in water, i.e. our domesticated animals and farmed fish.


The Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences is responsible for these study programmes:


Aquaculture diet has become increasingly plant based. In addition, the industry faces environmental changes. Recent findings in salmonids when the two challenges are combined, give ...
Monday 15 August 2016 at 10.30, we welcome new students at the Department of Animal- and Aquacultural Sciences.
Take one inventive head, add one cement mixer, and then fish farmers and feed producers can save money as well as labour.

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The FeedMileage project

The research project aims to increase the efficiency of Norwegian farm animal production by advanced nutritional and genetic methods.


GenoSysFat - Integrating genomics and system biology to improve the capacity for synthesis, transport, and filet deposition of EPA/DHA in salmon

The BIOFEED project

Develops novel salmon feed by integrated bioprocessing of non-food biomass

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Our Department represents the traditional animal husbandry fields of breeding, nutrition and ethology. Within these fields, our expertise encompasses areas such as feed technology and metabolism, quantitative and molecular genetics, and the quality of products made from eggs, milk, and meat.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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