Virtual Reality Lab (VR-Lab)

VR-Weekend at Norsk Teknisk museum in Oslo

As part of VR-Weekend organized at Norsk Teknisk museum in Oslo (21-22 May 2016), VR-Lab participated with a stand showing how 3D game visualizations and VR is been used for landscape design and planning.

Land Use Zoning Plan In 3D: Concept

A concept of a 3D land use zoning plan and opportunities that arise in the transformation from 2D to 3D. A master study by Jesper Vesøen, 2013. This master’s thesis attempts to create a concept of a 3D land use zoning plan and looks at the opportunities that arise in the transformation from 2D to 3D.

Use of Visualizations in Planning Processes

Master study about communication and understanding by Thomas B. Hansen, 2013. The study examines the process of visualization in planning. With several ways to visualize it is important to be aware of the choices being made in the process of making a visualization. 

Continuing education course: 3D Modeling and Visualization for Planning

Incorporate 3D modelling and visualizations tools into the design process and use it in order to enhance the communication with various players including: planners, engineers, clients, decision makers and community groups.

The Virtual Reality Lab

(VR-Lab) at NMBU is a facility that provides new possibilities for modeling, reconstructing, visualizing, and communicating knowledge.

Virtual Reality at NMBU is used in following fields:

  • Visual simulations
  • Education
  • Architectural design and landscape planning
  • Art: the creation of artistic applications
  • Reconstruction of historical sites
  • Testing of new 3D technolgies.

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