Ecology and Natural Resource Management

The Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA) has several major areas of study. It combines research on, and education in, fundamental biology and ecology, renewable energy, nature-based tourism, natural resource management and forestry.


If you are interested in climate change or the need for renewable energy, forest inventory and management, limnology, fish or wildlife, or nature-based tourism - INA is the place for you.


Urban birds are not smarter than birds living in the countryside


NMBU, in cooperation with NHM and UiO, is excited to invite to a seminar about the Amazon on May 20. Topics covered span biological diversity, ...
Thursday May 19, 2016, Whaldener Endo will defend his PhD thesis "Game Vertebrate Responses to Rural Populations in Neotropical Protected Areas”.
Monday May 23 professor John Fa will talk about his work on mapping the Ebola virus using favourability modelling.

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At INA we work to increase the knowledge about environmental issues, and how to use the environment in a sustainable way.

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