Electronic Ballot application


Access to voting

In order to vote in the online election at NMBU you must be a registered FEIDE-user. Staff as well as students at NMBU have access to FEIDE. 

Errors in electoral register

In the listing of elections you will also be able to see the "elections where you don’t have the right to vote." These are elections where you are not on the electoral register. If you think that this is incorrect and that you have the right to vote also in this election, you can record your vote as usual. The vote will then be submitted to the Election Board, who determines whether your vote will count. Note! The Electoral Committee will not be able to see what you have voted, only that you have casted a vote. For more information see Election regulations Section 6. Electoral register and Section 7. Eligibility to vote.


Staff and students at NMBU log in with their usual sername and password.  Further information about the authentication can be found here

How to vote?

After you login, you get an overview of "ongoing elections." These are the elections in which you are part of the electoral register. When you have found the election you wish to vote in, start the voting process by pressing the vote-button. You can cancel the voting process at any time.

New vote

Remember that you can change your mind as long as the election is open, click "change vote" and vote again. The vote you have submitted previously is automatically replaced with your new vote.


After logging in you will have 20 minutes to vote. If you don’t finish your voting within this timeframe you have to log in and startover.

Published 8. December 2014 - 13:27 - Updated 7. June 2017 - 10:06