Course code AOS120

Emneansvarlige: Thore Larsgård
Studiepoeng: 5
Ansvarlig fakultet: Handelshøyskolen
Frekvens: Annually
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Undervises i periode:
This course starts in spring parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in spring parallel. 
Første gang: Studieår 2007-2008
Fortrinnsrett: -
Undervises hvor?: Campus Ås
Emnets innhold:

Dette emnet blir kun gitt på engelsk, og da er teksten i emnebeskrivelsen i hovedsak på engelsk.

The course covers basic concepts and theories in marketing, with an emphasis on the consumer market.

  • Marketing, marketing management and marketing planning
  • Marketing Plan, segmentation, relationships, product concept
  • Price, marketing communications and marketing network
  • Brands, brand architecture, brand communication and brand management
  • The purchasing process, consumer attitudes and buying behavior in businesses
  • Factors affecting the business, market knowledge

Knowledge: The student has a basic understanding of the marketing process, familiarity with key concepts, theories and methods of marketing, and are familiar with examples of marketing in some firms.

Skills: The student can find, assess and refer to information relevant to marketing and present this so that it sheds light on basic issues in marketing. The student can participate in the solution of simple marketing challenges in practice.

General competence: The student can apply marketing knowledge and skills individually and in cooperation with others, and is able to reflect and think critically about basic marketing issues.

On campus lectures. Group project which is a part of the grading in the course. Seminars for guidance with the group project.

Kotler, Armstrong, Harris, He: Principles of Marketing, 8h European Edition.

Lecture notes. Additional reading material may be distributed.

Obligatorisk aktivitet:

Participation in group based marketing simulation game is mandatory.

Participation in and submission of the term project is mandatory.


Combined assessment (samlet vurdering): Written, on campus examination, 3 hours (counts 2/3 of the total grade). Group assignment (counts 1/3 of the total grade). If you fail the exam, you fail the course.

The course has combined assessment, and one can therefore only register for the examination at regular time for the final examination.

An external examiner will assess the curriculum and the exam. Grades will be set by the internal examiner or an external examiner. 
Normert arbeidsmengde:
125 hours
Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse)
5 studiepoeng overlapp mot AOS120F og AOS121-B.
Lectures and seminars minimum 26 hours
Hjelpemidler ved skriftlig eksamen(er): A1 Ingen kalkulator, ingen andre hjelpemidler
Eksamensdetaljer: Samlet vurdering: Bokstavkarakterer