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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
ECOL201 Ecology Essay EN, NO 5
JUS103 Business Law II NO 5
EDS101 Introduction to Environment, Development and Globalization EN 5
JUS104 Contract Law and Liability Proceedings NO 5
ECOL350 Restoration Ecology EN 5
ECOL330 Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Conservation EN 5
JUS110 Introduction to Land Law NO 5
ECOL300 Methods in Natural Sciences EN 5
JUS201 Administrative Law NO 5
THT299 Environmental Engineering, Project Work EN, NO 5
ECOL100 Introductory Ecology NO 5
JUS220 Environmental Law NO 5
TIP100 Technical Innovation NO 5
TIP150 Modern Workshop Technology, Introductory Course NO 5
ECN355 Research in Development Economics II EN 5
JUS311 Real Estate Transactions NO 5
JUS320 Planning and Building Law NO 5
JUS102 Law of Contract and Companies NO 5
JUS100 Legal Method and Norwegian Legal System NO 5
PAE301 Agroecology: Working with the complexity of farming systems EN 5
NATF350 Human Wildlife Interactions EN 5
INN410 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Innovation EN 5
EDS315 Management of Genetic Resources: Law and Policy EN 5
THT100 Civil Engineering NO 5
EDS303 Introduction to International Environmental Studies EN 5
JORD160 Introduction to Soil NO 5
THT201 Rapid Methods for Assessing Environmental Parameters, Laboratory Course NO 5
EDS260 Global Environmental Changes EN 5
JORD212 Soil Analysis NO 5
JORD251 Soil Classification EN, NO 5
JORD221 Soil Physics, Laboratory Course EN, NO 5
EDS234 Environmental Economics - the Role of Institutions EN 5
JORD231 Fertilisations Planning NO 5
THT281 Design of Decentralized and Small Scale Water and Sanitary Systems EN 5
JORD250 Soil Morphology NO 5
EDS203 Introduction to International Relations EN 5
EDS201 Introduction to Development Studies EN 5
HFX210 Feed Analysis in Animal Production NO 5
HFX205 Grazing Ecology and Management NO 5
HFX208 Beekeeping NO 5
GEO222 Geology Project EN, NO 5
GMFO301 Photogrammetry 3 NO 5
HFE212 Nutrition of Dogs and Cats NO 5
GMBB201 Image Processing in Geomatics EN, NO 5
GMBB100 Remote Sensing in Geomatics NO 5
GEO311 Geological Excursion EN, NO 5
HFE306 Advanced Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 5
HFE309 Quantitative Nutrition to Prevent Nutrition-Related Diseases EN, NO 5
GEO221 Hydrogeology - Field Course EN, NO 5
HFE203 Forages NO 5
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