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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
FYS102A Physics for Biotechnologists NO 5
MVI100 Introduction to Food Science and Nutrition NO 5
FYS103 Measurement Techniques, error and data analysis NO 5
FYS110 Statics NO 5
FYS155 Laboratory Course in Physics NO 5
FYS160 Boundary Layer Meteorology NO 5
FYS161 Meteorology and Climate NO 5
MATH131 Linear Algebra NO 5
MINA410 Environmental Radiobiology EN 5
MINA210 Global Food Production in a Changing Climate EN 5
FYS235 Electronics NO 5
FYS236 Electrodynamics NO 5
FYS251 Heat Transfer NO 5
MAST300 Planning the Master Thesis EN, NO 5
FYS252A Applied Thermodynamics EN 5
FYS385 Project in Biological Physics EN, NO 5
MVI230 Food Safety and Hygiene NO 5
MVI202 food chemistry NO 5
JORD231 Fertilisations Planning NO 5
MVI240 Sensory Science EN, NO 5
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I EN 5
EIE280 Land Rights NO 5
NOVA-402 Novel Ingredients - Processed for Novel Nutrition EN 5
PAE301 Agroecology: Working with the complexity of farming systems EN 5
KJM353 Radioecology EN 5
EIE101 Introduction to Real Estate I NO 5
PAE304 Master Thesis Seminar EN 5
PAE305 Research Methods EN 5
EDS415 Qualitative Methods in Development Studies EN 5
PHI201 Bioscience, Ethics and Environmental Philosophy NO 5
PHI301 Corporate Social Responsibility NO 5
PHI302 Causation in Science EN 5
EDS378B State building and conflict in fragile states. EN 5
EIE307 Quantitative methods NO 5
EDS378A State building and conflict in fragile states. Case Afghanistan. EN 5
PJH102 Introduction to Plant Science NO 5
PJH105 Urban farming NO 5
PJH205 Urban farming- Term paper NO 5
PJH251 Bedding Plant Production of Flowers and Vegetables in Greenhouses EN, NO 5
PJH260 Term paper in Plant Production NO 5
EDS370 Gender and Development EN 5
PJH360 Term Paper in Plant Production EN, NO 5
PLV330 Insect-Plant Relationships EN 5
PLV340 Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships EN, NO 5
PLV420 NOVA PhD Course. Plant diseases: From survival to Epidemics and Management Strategies EN 5
NOVA-303 Dog Breeding and Genetics EN 5
NOVA-302 Biological Consequences of Selection EN 5
MVI250 Packaging Technology NO 5
MVI387 Milkbased Ingredients EN, NO 5
MVI261 Heat Engineering I EN, NO 5
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