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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
VET303 Population Medicine NO 9
SMDHM07-200 Companion animal medicine NO 8.3
SMDHM07-100 Equine medicine NO 8.3
AQF230 Aquatic Food Supply Chain Management, Environment and Resources EN 7.5
VET305 Animal Nutrition NO 7.5
PATOLO09-200 Pathology - oral practical exam NO 7.5
VET301 Animal Biology NO 7.5
DYRBIO08 Animal biology NO 7.5
AQF220 Safety and Human Health Effects of Aquatic Food EN 7.5
PATOLO09-100 Pathology - written exam NO 7.5
AQF210 Aquatic Food Processing and Technology EN 7.5
ERNÆRI07 Animal nutrition NO 7.5
AQF200 Primary Production -Aquaculture and Fisheries EN 7.5
AQUAMT10 Master's degree thesis NO 60
TILLML06 Legislation about Medicinal Products NO 6
VET313 Aquatic Animal Medicine and Fish Health NO 6
PHDLAS Laboratory Animal Science NO 6
VH-LAB Laboratory Animal Science For Research Workers NO 6
VETPOP-100 Statistics and Epidemiology NO 6
AKVFIS06 Aquatic medicine and fish diseases NO 6
TBA299 Project work, buildings NO 5
INF100 Principles of Information Processing NO 5
INN210 Innovation NO 5
EDS370 Gender and Development EN 5
EDS378 Afghanistan/Pakistan, State Building and Conflict EN 5
TBA222 Construction - Steel and Wood NO 5
IND300 Experts in Teamwork NO 5
HFX306 Feeding and Production Diseases in Cattle NO 5
HFX212 Integrated Farming Systems and Value-Chains for Small-Holder Farmers in Tanzania EN 5
STAT370 Selected topics in statistics EN, NO 5
STIN300 Statistical Programming in R EN, NO 5
TBA100 The Heritage of Buildings NO 5
EIE304 Field Work in Property Subjects NO 5
TBA110 Free-hand Drawing NO 5
EIE280 Land Rights EN 5
HFX221 Ethology in Dogs and Cats and Breeding of Dogs EN, NO 5
TBA201 Soil Mechanics NO 5
TBA223 Construction - Concrete NO 5
EIE105 Introduction to Mapping and Surveying NO 5
EIE101 Introduction to Real Estate I NO 5
PHG314 Term Paper in Landscape Plants NO 5
HUVFHMFD10 Animal Welfare, Animal Housing and Laboratory Animal Science NO 5
EDS415 Qualitative methods in the social sciences EN 5
IMRT100 Introductory Project NO 5
IND210 Industrial Management NO 5
IND230 Quality Management NO 5
TBA331 Building Performance Simulation NO 5
TBA321 Advanced Plain Concrete NO 5
JORD101 Soil Science NO 5
INN310 Intellectual Property Rights 5
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