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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
LAA115 Introduction to Landscape Architecture I NO 10
KJM410 Organic Mass Spectrometry (MS) EN, NO 10
KJM360 Assessing Risk to Man and Environment EN 10
LAA231 Green Space Management & Organization in a Norwegian Context NO 10
KJM351 Experimental Radioecology EN 10
KJM350 Radiochemistry EN, NO 10
KJM340 Instrumental Inorganic Analysis NO 10
KJM314 Applied Organic Analytical Chemistry EN, NO 10
KJM313 Mass Spectrometry EN, NO 10
KJM312 Natural Product Chemistry EN, NO 10
KJM310 Chromatography EN, NO 10
LAA313 Physical Environments - Use and Experiences EN 10
KJM240 Analytical Chemistry NO 10
KJM230 Physical Chemistry NO 10
KJM211 Organic Chemistry Addition NO 10
LAA307 Planning of Cemeteries. Theory - Site - Consept NO 10
KJM120 Inorganic Chemistry NO 10
KJM110 Organic Chemistry NO 10
KJM100 General Chemistry NO 10
KJB420 Proteomics II EN, NO 10
LAA310 Roads and Railways in Landcape NO 10
KJB310 Protein Chemistry EN, NO 10
KJB210 Experimental and Applied Biochemistry NO 10
INF230 Data Processing and Analysis EN, NO 10
INF200 Advanced Programming EN 10
PHI100 Examen philosophicum NO 10
NATF340 Management of Freshwater Fish NO 10
MVI480 Food Process Technology EN, NO 10
MVI483 Dairy Technology EN, NO 10
NATF100 Introductory Nature Management NO 10
NATF240 Fishery Management NO 10
NATF260 Multi-Disciplinary Impact Assessment NO 10
HFE400 Lipid Metabolism EN, NO 10
NATF320 Ecology and Management of Natural Resources in the Tropics EN 10
HFE310 Management of Production, Risk and Innovation in Feed Production EN 10
NATF330 Wildlife Management NO 10
HFE308 Optimalization of Feed Processing for Different Animal Species EN 10
HFE305 Feed Manufacturing Technology EN 10
MVI385 Food Product Development EN, NO 10
HFE303 Nutrition and Optimisation of Diets for Monogastric Animals EN, NO 10
PHG113 Landscape Plants - Basic Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology NO 10
HFE200 General Nutrition EN 10
PHG215 Landscape Plants - Establishment and Maintenance NO 10
HFA401 Biometrical Methods in Animal Breeding EN, NO 10
HFA400 Quantitative Genetics EN, NO 10
HFA304 Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 10
EDS381 Feminist and Critical IR Theory EN 10
HFA301 Calculation of Breeding Values EN, NO 10
HFA300 Animal Breeding Plans EN, NO 10
HFA251 General Animal Breeding in Large and Small Populations NO 10
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