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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
MVI276 Brewing NO 5
FORN350 Sustainable management of resources in a circular economy NO 5
MVI291 Diet and Health EN, NO 5
MVI321 Fermentation Microbiology EN, NO 5
FORN240 Energy Distribution and Storage Systems EN 5
FORN230 Energy Policy and Markets NO 5
MVI382A Alcoholic Beverages EN, NO 5
MVI382B Cereal Technology EN, NO 5
FMI330 Effect and Biomarker Methods in Toxicology EN 5
MVI386 Practical Dairy Technology EN, NO 5
MVI392 Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology EN, NO 5
NATF350 Human Wildlife Interactions EN 5
MVI393 Chemical Food Safety EN, NO 5
MVI394 Molecular Nutrition EN, NO 5
MVI481 Meat Science and Technology EN, NO 5
MVI484 From Milk to Cheese EN 5
FHV353 Project Plan for Master Thesis in Public Health Science EN, NO 5
NATF200 Nature Conservation and Management in Norway NO 5
NATF240 Ecology and Management of Freshwater Fish NO 5
NATF300 Conservation Biology EN 5
NATF301 Practical Nature Management NO 5
NATF302 Nature Management in Norway NO 5
FEP202 Ecological and economical significance of insects and fungi in forests NO 5
FEP201 Diseases and Pests on Trees NO 5
MVI340 Sensory and Consumer Science EN, NO 5
GMFO310 Close-Range Photogrammetry NO 5
GEO211 Quaternary Geology - Field Course NO 5
INN310 Intellectual property rights (IPR) EN, NO 5
JORD212 Soil Analysis NO 5
LAD103 Cartography and Geodatabases in Planning NO 5
LAD302 Advanced 3D Tools for Design and Planning EN 5
JORD160 Introduction to Soil NO 5
JORD101 Soil Science NO 5
INN410 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Innovation EN 5
INN410 Intellectual Property Rights (PhD course) EN, NO 5
LAFT210 Drawing, Shape, Color - a Visual Language NO 5
INN371 Sustainable entrepreneurship NO 5
INN271 Sustainable entrepreneurship NO 5
LAD102 GIS - Introduction NO 5
INN210 Innovation NO 5
INN200 Management Accounting NO 5
INF121 Introduction Course for Data Scientists EN 5
INF100 Principles of Information Processing NO 5
IND300 Experts in Teamwork NO 5
IND240 Uncertainty Management in Projects NO 5
IND230 Quality Management NO 5
IND210 Industrial Management NO 5
IMRT399 Project Work EN, NO 5
JORD213 Chemical and Physical Soil Analysis EN 5
AOS120 Marketing NO 5
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