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Capital letters and numbers
Course idsort descending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
DYR208 Professional Ethics NO 2
DYR209 Bachelor's thesis NO 15
DYR210 Research Methodology, Statistics and Scientific Writing NO 5
DYR211 Final External Clinical Practice NO 16.5
DYR214 Laboratory Diagnostics NO 5
ECN100 Introduction to Economics NO 5
ECN101 Economics for Environment and Development EN 10
ECN110 Introduction to Microeconomics NO 5
ECN120 Introduction to Macroeconomics, Part I NO 5
ECN122 Introduction to Macroeconomics, Part II NO 5
ECN140 Economic History NO 5
ECN170 Environmental and Resource Economics NO 5
ECN180 Global Challenges I. Economics and Sustainability NO 5
ECN201 Econometrics EN 10
ECN204 Introduction to Behavioral Economics NO 5
ECN210 Intermediate Microeconomics - Consumers, Producers, Market and Welfare NO 10
ECN211 Intermediate Microeconomics - Institutions, Games and Market Failures NO 10
ECN222 Intermediate Macroeconomics EN, NO 10
ECN230 International Economics EN 10
ECN260 Agricultural Policy I NO 5
ECN261 Agricultural Policy II NO 5
ECN263 Food Industry Economics NO 5
ECN271 Cost Benefit Project Evaluation and Environmental Valuation EN 10
ECN275 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - Theory EN 10
ECN280 Energy Economics EN 10
ECN301 Econometric Methods EN 10
ECN302 Mathematics for Economists EN 5
ECN303 Impact Assessment Methods EN 5
ECN304 Behavioral and Experimental Economics EN 10
ECN305 Research Methods in Economics EN 5
ECN306 Economics of Sustainability EN 5
ECN311 Microeconomics III EN 10
ECN312 Industrial Organisation EN 5
ECN320 Macroeconomics III EN 5
ECN330 Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization EN 10
ECN350 Development and Global Change EN 10
ECN352 Poverty EN 10
ECN372 Climate Economics EN 10
ECN375 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - Theory and Applications EN 10
ECN376 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - Applications EN 5
ECN380 Energy Markets and Regulation EN 10
ECN400 Topics in environmental economics I EN 5
ECN401 Topics in environmental economics II EN 10
ECN410 Microeconomic Theory EN 10
ECN450 Development and Global Change EN 10
ECN472 Climate Economics EN 10
ECOL100 Introductory Ecology NO 5
ECOL200 General Ecology EN, NO 10
ECOL201 Ecology Essay EN, NO 5
ECOL300 Methods in Natural Sciences EN 5
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