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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
VET303 Population Medicine NO 9
VET353 Animal Welfare NO 9
VET334 Introduction to Diagnostic Work and Veterinary Public Health NO 8.5
VET411 Introduction to veterinary epidemiology EN 7.5
AQF210 Aquatic Food Processing and Technology EN 7.5
AQF200 Primary Production - Aquaculture and Fisheries EN 7.5
AQF231 Marine Resources, Research and innovation EN 7.5
VETFORSK411 Introduction to Veterinary Epidemiology 7.5
PAE301 Agroecology: Working with the Complexity of Farming Systems EN 7.5
AQF220 Safety and Human Health Effects of Aquatic Food EN 7.5
VET332 Project Spesific Differentiation NO 7.5
LAA233 Professional Course II NO 7.5
TMPA220 Landscape Engineering, Plant Establishment and Management NO 7.5
VET313 Aquatic Animal Medicine and Fish Health NO 7.5
VET352-3 Statistikk, epidemiologi, veterinær samfunnsmedisin og kollegakommunikasjon NO 7.5
BUS362 Corporate Tax and Sustainability EN 7.5
VET305 Animal Nutrition NO 7.5
M60-GS Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-KJEMI Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-KB Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-IØ Master's Thesis 60
M60-HV Master's Thesis 60
M60-ECOL Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-GEOM Master's Thesis 60
M60-FT Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-BIOTEK Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-BIAS Master's Thesis 60
M60-BA Master's Thesis 60
M60-AE Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-AA Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-ABG Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-BIOL Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-LA Master's Thesis 60
M60-LUN Master's Thesis NO 60
M60-MAT Master's Thesis 60
M60-MF Master's Thesis 60
M60-MINA Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-MPP Master's Thesis 60
M60-NF Master's Thesis 60
M60-PV Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-RAD Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-VET Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-VM Master's Thesis 60
VET301 Animal Biology NO 6
VET352-7 Rettslære, samfunnsoppdraget i veterinær samfunnsmedisin og dyrevelferd 6
GEO211 Quaternary Geology - Field Course NO 5
REIS200 Tourism Management EN 5
GLA301 Introduction to Landscape Architecture for Global Sustainability EN 5
GEO221 Hydrogeology - Field Course EN, NO 5
PØL100 Ecological Agriculture NO 5
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