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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
VET352-7 Rettslære, samfunnsoppdraget i veterinær samfunnsmedisin og dyrevelferd 6
TBA202 Chemistry of building material NO 5
INN352 Development and Implementation of Information Systems EN 5
JUS103 Business Law II NO 5
JUS102 Law of Contract and Companies NO 5
JUS100 Legal Method and Norwegian Legal System NO 5
JORD231 Fertilization Planning NO 5
JORD213 Chemical and Physical Soil Analysis EN, NO 5
JORD212 Soil Analysis NO 5
JORD160 Introduction to Soil NO 5
JORD100 Soil Science NO 5
INN358 Machine Learning with Discrete Event Stream Data EN 5
INN353 Monitoring and Control of Business Processes EN 5
INN334 Summer school abroad EN 5
INN351 Enterprise Architecture for the Digital Age EN 5
JUS201 Administrative Law NO 5
INN301 Innovation NO 5
ZOOL220 Entomology NO 5
INN271 Sustainable Entrepreneurship NO 5
INN265 Analysis of Business Processes EN 5
INN200 Management Accounting NO 5
INF205 Resource-efficient programming EN 5
INF100 Principles of Information Processing NO 5
IND300 Experts in Teamwork NO 5
IND250 Production logistics and distribution NO 5
IND240 Uncertainty Management in Projects NO 5
JUS110 Introduction to Land Law NO 5
JUS220 Environmental Law and Governance NO 5
IMRT100 Introductory Project NO 5
VANN311 Field Course in Alpine Limnology EN, NO 5
VANN211 Limnological Methodology NO 5
ZOOL100 General Zoology NO 5
VANN220 Water Resources and Water Supply NO 5
VANN301 Measures Against Pollution of Water Bodies NO 5
LNG250 Academic Writing NO 5
LAFT210 Drawing - A Visual Language NO 5
LAD302 Advanced 3D Tools for Design and Planning EN 5
LAD203 Digital 3D-Planning NO 5
LAD103 Cartography and Geodatabases in Planning NO 5
LAD102 GIS - Introduction NO 5
LAD100 Introduction to Digital Tools in Landscape Architecture EN, NO 5
LAA221 Professional Course I NO 5
AOS120 Marketing EN 5
LAA211 The History of Garden Art and Landscape Architecture NO 5
LAA207 Universal Design NO 5
LAA201 Urban Agriculture in practice NO 5
KJB320 Proteomics I EN, NO 5
KJB201 Laboratory Course in Biochemistry and Food Chemistry NO 5
KJB100 Introduction to Biochemistry NO 5
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