Course code LAA270

LAA270 Design and Planning of Walkways, Cycle Routes and Public Transport in Urban Areas

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2018 - 2019 .

Course responsible: Alf Anders Langhelle
ECTS credits: 5
Faculty: Faculty of Landscape and Society
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Min 10 - max 30
Teaching exam periods:
June Block
Course frequency: Annual
First time: Study year 2016-2017
Preferential right:
Course contents:

Density, city life, health, climate and environment are important factors in how we design our streets and places. Political decisions points towards a new consciousness that has great influence on the priority of how, and for who, we organise public space in towns and cities.

The course focuses on planning networks for different forms of transportation in dense areas.  A core challenge is to delimit and organize streets and places based on a superior view on the need for transport and the priority between forms of transport.

Planning of detailed solutions for pedestrians and cyclists in combination with public transport is also a major topic in the course. Along with this is also the consideration of how other needs and functions in the public space is solved.

Quality, attractiveness and weatherimpact are some elements that separates different solutions into good practice and less good. The students are challenged to investigate designs that handles Norwegian climate in a good way.

Learning outcome:

The students should be able to consider the design of a street or public space in a bigger context and explain the priority between different forms of transport.

They should understand different challenges related to planning, design and building facilities that gives pedestrians, cyclist and public transport priority in towns and cities.

The students will gain knowledge of Norwegian rules, regulations and tools relevant for the course.

Learning activities:
Lectures, literature studies, discussions, exercises and assignments in groups, project in groups, excursions, presentations, design, student evaluations.
Byrom ¿ En idéhåndbok; KMDIntroduksjon til gateplanlegging; Statens vegvesen, Rapport nr. 250Vegnormal N100, Sykkelhåndboka, Kollektivhåndboka, Nasjonal gåstrategi

The syllabus and list of other relevant literature will be published in Canvas.

Recommended prerequisites:
APL100, EIE100, LAA115, APL102, APL108, APL270.
Mandatory activity:
Exercises related to a case. The exercises have to be passed to get a grade for the course. It will bw mandatory for the students to get guidance at least once in the course.
The student will be evaluated based on the project submitted and the following presentation.
Nominal workload:
150 hours.
It is recommended to take this course before the LAA325 course.
The examiner will together with course responsible evaluate in witch degree the students have acquired the learning outcome.
Examination details: Continuous exam: Bestått / Ikke bestått