Course code LAA207

LAA207 Universal Design

Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year 2016 - 2017 .

Course responsible: Helena Annie Nordh
ECTS credits: 5
Faculty: Faculty of Landscape and Society
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
Minimum 10 students. Maximum 40 students.
Teaching exam periods:
This course has teaching/evaluation in Autumn parallel.
Course frequency: Annually.
First time: Study year 2011-2012
Preferential right:
Course contents:
Lectures, individal work, group assignment.
Learning outcome:
The student will gain knowledge of the concept universal design. The student will have knowledge of what kinds of barriers various forms of disability entails, barriers related to home, work and leisure activities. The student will get knowledge of the laws and regulations that are relevant to universal design. The students can use appropriate methods for evaluating universal design. The students will learn how to analyze and understand how the different physical solutions creates limitations for equal participation.
Learning activities:
Lectures, literature seminar and group assignment.
Teaching support:

Universell utforming- Verdigrunnlag, kunnskap og praksis av Inger Marie Lid

Norsk standard  NS11005:2011 Universell utforming av opparbeidete uteområder. Krav og anbefalinger

Norsk standard NS1001-1:2009 Universell utforming av byggver. Del 1: Arbeid- og publmsbygninger.

(The standards can be borrowed from the teacher).

The students must have completed the first year of a Bachelor study.
Recommended prerequisites:
Mandatory activity:
Litteratur seminar and assignments.
Group assignment. Graded A - F.
Entrance requirements:
Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (generell studiekompetanse).
Reduction of credits:
Type of course:

8 hours lectures,

10 hours seminars/assignments

 15 hours oral presentations of group assignments

  120 hours indidual work/group work

The sensor evaluate all of the group assignments.
Examination details: Continuous exam: A - E / Ikke bestått