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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
SPE-M-BIOTEK Special Syllabus 0
PPRA300 Teaching Practice NO 0
FRIE-VETFOR3 Online Course 0
FRIE-VETFOR3 Online Course 0
FRIE-VETFOR3 Online Course 0
FRIE-VETFOR3 Online Course 0
FRIE-VETFOR4 Independent Study 0
FRIE-VETFOR4 Independent Study 0
FRIE-VETFOR5 Independent Study 0
FRIE-VETFOR6 Popular Science article 0
FRIE-VETFORS Oral presentation 0
FRIE-VETFORS Poster presentation: 0
FYS007 Preparatory Physics NO 0
PPRA200 Teaching Practice NO 0
PPRA201 Teaching Practice NO 0
PPRA301 Teaching Practice - LUR NO 0
MATH007 Preparatory course in mathematics for MATH100 and MATH111 NO 0
SPE-PHD-ILP Special Syllabus: 0
KJM007 Introduction to Chemistry NO 0
VET350B Husbandry practice NO 0
SPE-B-DS Special Syllabus 0
SPE-B-HV Special Syllabus 0
SPE-B-MINA Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-KJEMI Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-MAT Special Syllabus 0
VET323 Compulsory Practices NO 0
SPE-M-MR Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-PV Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-RB Special Syllabus 0
SPE-M-VM Special Syllabus 0
FRIE-VETFOR2 Lecture 0
SPE-VET Special Syllabus 0
TEST-TP-OPPM Test timeplan oppmøte 0
VU-VET001 Bare når det trengs! Nettkurs i riktig antibiotikabruk til dyr NO 0
VET403 Scientific publication EN 1
VET340 Wildlife and Exotic Pet Medicine EN, NO 1
VET352-2 Vitenskapelig metode og veterinær samfunnsmedisin NO 1.5
VET352-5 Klinisk kommunikasjon, psykisk helse og klinikkdrift NO 1.5
VET342 Clinical Communication, Mental Health and Clinic Management 1.5
VET353-2 Animal Welfare 2 NO 1.5
VET352-6 Kjøttkontroll 1.5
VETFORSK403 Scientific publication 1.5
VET322 Infection Prevention and Control NO 1.5
VET320 Research Methodology and Writing a Thesis NO 1.5
VET353-4 Animal Welfare 4 1.5
GMGI350 Digital Cartography NO 10
GMGI300 Geographical Database Systems EN, NO 10
STIN100 Biological Data Analysis NO 10
GMGI210 Geographical Analysis and Modelling NO 10
GMLM210 Applied Geomatics NO 10
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