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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort descending
FYS476 Solar Energy NO 10
FYS474 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS473 Chemical and Biochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS401 Optical effects in solids EN 10
FYS401 Spectroscopy of Biological Materials and Data Analysis EN 10
FYS388 Computational Neuroscience EN 10
FYS377 Digital Electrical Power Systems NO 10
FYS376 Solar Energy NO 10
FYS375 Energy Technology, Laboratory NO 10
FYS374 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
KJM312 Natural Product Chemistry EN, NO 10
MATH111 Calculus 1 NO 10
KJM314 Applied Organic Analytical Chemistry EN, NO 10
SKOG304 Forest Ecology EN, NO 10
TBA331 Building Performance Simulation NO 10
TBA320 Structural Design of Buildings, Advanced Course EN 10
TBA270 Construction Management NO 10
TBA224 Structural Design of Buildings II EN 10
TBA215 Structural Analysis EN 10
TBA210 Building physics with sustainability NO 10
TBA190 Buildings of wood with sustainability NO 10
STIN100 Biological Data Analysis NO 10
STAT351 Statistical Theory EN 10
STAT340 Applied Methods in Statistics EN, NO 10
STAT101 Project based introduction to statistics NO 10
STAT100 Statistics NO 10
SKOG340 Forest Engineering and Logistics II NO 10
SKOG303 Silviculture and Forest Growth and Yield NO 10
TBM120 Mechanics of Materials and Structural Engineering Basics EN 10
SKOG302 Multiple Use of Forests NO 10
SKOG300 Forest Planning NO 10
SKOG250 Forest Management - Interdisciplinary Analysis NO 10
SKOG240 Forest Engineering and Logistics NO 10
SKOG230 Resource Economics and Planning in Forestry NO 10
SKOG220 Silviculture NO 10
SKOG100 Forest Management NO 10
REIS310 Social Science Research Methods in Nature-Based Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resource Management NO 10
REIS300 Nature-Based Tourism EN 10
PPXP100 Ex. Paed. NO 10
PPUN400 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Scientific Staff NO 10
PPFO402 The Way of the Researcher EN, NO 10
PLV321 Plant Pathology and Resistance Breeding EN, NO 10
TBA390 Timber Engineering EN 10
TBM200 Materials Science and Engineering NO 10
PJH370 Advanced crop production for future plant products EN, NO 10
TRE210 Timber Industry NO 10
ZOOL300 Ecological Entomology EN, NO 10
ZOOL250 Behavioural Ecology NO 10
ZOOL240 Entomology II NO 10
ZOOL210 Vertebrates NO 10
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