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Course id Course titlesort descending Teaching language ECTS credits
ECN301 Econometric Methods EN 10
ECN201 Econometrics EN 10
ECN140 Economic History NO 5
ECN330 Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization EN 10
ECN101 Economics for Environment and Development EN 10
ECN253 Economics of Development and Poverty EN 5
ECN306 Economics of Sustainability EN 5
PPYD300 Education in Natural Resource Management NO 30
AOS345 Effective Written Communication NO 5
FMI330 Effects and Biomarker Methods in Ecotoxicology EN 5
SDP424 Eiendomsteori NO 5
SDP425 Eiendomsteori med fordypningsmodul NO 7.5
FYS230 Electrical Engineering NO 10
FYS374 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS474 Electrochemical Energy Conversion EN 10
FYS236 Electrodynamics EN, NO 5
TEL100 Electronic Prototyping NO 5
FYS235 Electronics NO 5
HFX407 Emissions and Microbiota: a path to sustainable animal production EN 5
HFX307 Emissions and Microbiota: a path to sustainable animal production EN 5
BUS323 Energy and Commodity Market Analysis EN 10
TMPP251 Energy and Process Technology NO 5
TMPP350 Energy and Process Technology Main Topic NO 15
EDS349 Energy and Society EN 5
FORNY240 Energy Distribution and Storage Systems EN 5
ECN280 Energy Economics EN 10
FORNY230 Energy Markets and Policy NO 5
ECN380 Energy Markets and Regulation EN 10
FYS272 Energy Physics NO 10
FYS375 Energy Technology, Laboratory NO 10
FORNY260 Energy Use and Energy System Analysis NO 5
FORNY100 Energy, Environment and Society NO 10
TMP160 Engineering Design NO 5
INN351 Enterprise Architecture for the Digital Age EN 5
ZOOL220 Entomology NO 5
ZOOL240 Entomology II NO 10
INN340 Entrepreneurship in Practice - Business Development NO 15
EDS430 Environment and Development Studies for and by PhD Students EN 10
APL240 Environment and Planning, Part 1 NO 5
APL241 Environment and Planning, Part 2 NO 5
EDS210 Environment, Development and Climate Change in Tanzania EN 10
THT320 Environmental Analysis EN, NO 5
ECN170 Environmental and Resource Economics NO 5
EDS104 Environmental and Sustainability Science EN 10
FMI312 Environmental Exposures and Human Health EN, NO 10
APL380 Environmental Governance for Planning EN 10
JUS220 Environmental Law and Governance NO 5
BUS311 Environmental Management and Sustainability Reporting EN 5
BIO234 Environmental Microbiology NO 5
FYS241 Environmental Physics NO 10
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