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Course id Course titlesort ascending Teaching language ECTS credits
TRE210 Timber Industry NO 10
TBA390 Timber Engineering EN 10
VET325 Thesis NO 20
VET324 Thesis NO 15
HET212 Thermoregulation in Farm Animals and Ventilation in Animal Housing NO 5
FYS102 Thermophysics and Electromagnetism NO 10
FYS252 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics EN 10
HFA304 Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 10
HFA304-B Theory and Application of Inbreeding Management EN 5
BIO246 Thematic Essay in Plant Biotechnology/Plant Breeding EN, NO 5
PPFO402 The Way of the Researcher EN, NO 10
LAA341 The Urban Landscape as a Social Arena NO 20
VET351 The Structure and Function of Animals in Veterinary Medicine NO 20
EDS348 The Politics and Governance of the Environment EN 10
MVI292 The Immune System, Food and Health EN 10
LAA211 The History of Garden Art and Landscape Architecture NO 5
TBA100 The Heritage of Buildings NO 5
BUS101 The Firm - Elements of Business NO 5
TBM250 The Finite Element Method NO 10
ECOL380 The Ecology and Management of Rivers and Lakes EN 10
HET301 The Biology of Animal Stress and Its Implications for Animal Welfare NO 10
TEST-TP-OPPM Test timeplan oppmøte 0
PJH260 Term Paper in Plant Production NO 5
PJH360 Term Paper in Plant Production EN, NO 5
PPRA301 Teaching Practice - LUR NO 0
PPRA200 Teaching Practice NO 0
PPRA201 Teaching Practice NO 0
PPRA300 Teaching Practice NO 0
VU-PPUN200 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Technical and administrative Staff NO 10
PPUN400 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Scientific Staff NO 10
BUS360 Taxes, Inequality, and Sustainability I EN 5
BUS160 Tax Law for Economists NO 5
BUS260 Tax Law NO 10
HFX253 Swine and Poultry Production NO 10
SDG302 Sustainable plant production EN, NO 5
FORN350 Sustainable Management of Resources in a Circular Economy NO 5
AQN351 Sustainable Ingredients in Aquafeeds EN 5
LAA231 Sustainable Green Space Management – The Landscape Planner as an Influencer NO 10
SDG200 Sustainable Food Production Systems NO 5
BUS328 Sustainable Financial Investments EN 5
INN271 Sustainable Entrepreneurship NO 5
SDG300 Sustainable Development Goals in Plant and Animal Food Systems EN 5
HFX255 Sustainable Dairy and Beef Production NO 10
VU-INN362F Sustainable Business Model Innovation B NO 10
VU-INN361F Sustainable Business Model Innovation A NO 5
INN360 Sustainable Business Model Innovation NO 10
EDS306 Sustainability Science: Ecological, Social, and Economic Dimensions EN 10
AOS236 Sustainability Leadership EN 10
AQX251 Sustainability and Welfare in Aquaculture EN 5
BUS340 Supply Chain Management EN, NO 10
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