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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
VET352-7 Rettslære, samfunnsoppdraget i veterinær samfunnsmedisin og dyrevelferd 6
PJH251 Bedding Plant Production of Flowers and Vegetables in Greenhouses EN, NO 5
FYS236 Electrodynamics EN, NO 5
PRAK203 Internship - land law and property development NO 5
FYS252A Applied Thermodynamics EN 5
PØL100 Organic Agriculture NO 5
FYS251 Heat Transfer NO 5
PJH102 Introduction to Plant Science NO 5
PHO302 Computational Photonics EN 5
REIS200 Tourism Management EN 5
FYS235 Electronics NO 5
PPVE400 Master and phd supervision EN, NO 5
REIS210 Nature Interpretation NO 5
FYS203 Interaction of light and matter, laboratory EN 5
FYS155 Laboratory Course in Physics NO 5
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I EN 5
FYS141 Meteorology for sustainable development NO 5
FYS140 Climate change, sustainability and adaptation NO 5
FYS110 Statics NO 5
FYS103 Experimental methods and data analysis NO 5
PJH105 Urban Farming NO 5
PJH205 Urban Farming - Term Paper NO 5
GMGI102 Geographical Information Systems, Basics NO 5
PLV340 Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships EN, NO 5
PJH260 Term Paper in Plant Production NO 5
PJH360 Term Paper in Plant Production EN, NO 5
GMGM200 Geomatics and Society NO 5
GMLM102 Geodetic Surveying Basics NO 5
GMGD230 Marine Geodesy NO 5
GMFO310 Close-Range Photogrammetry NO 5
PLV330 Insect-Plant Relationships EN 5
GMBB201 Image Processing in Geomatics EN, NO 5
PPUB401 Perspectives on Science and Technology Education EN 5
GMBB100 Remote Sensing in Geomatics NO 5
GLA301 Introduction to Landscape Architecture for Global Sustainability EN 5
PPFO100 Personal development NO 5
GMPE340 Kalman Filter and Sensor Fusion EN, NO 5
HET203 Animal welfare NO 5
GEO250 Soil and geology in the landscape NO 5
GEO221 Hydrogeology - Field Course EN, NO 5
HET212 Thermoregulation in Farm Animals and Ventilation in Animal Housing NO 5
HET201 Applied Ethology NO 5
FORNY240 Energy Distribution and Storage Systems EN 5
FYS102A Physics for Biotechnologists NO 5
TBA100 The Heritage of Buildings NO 5
FHV314 Local Environmental Health Care NO 5
SKOG305 Sampling-based Forest Inventory NO 5
EIE280 Land Rights NO 5
STAT200 Regression Analysis EN 5
STAT210 Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance EN 5
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