Course code BIO247

BIO247 Botany of food plants

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Norsk emneinformasjon

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Showing course contents for the educational year starting in 2016 .

Course responsible: Aasmund Bjørnstad
ECTS credits: 5
Faculty: Faculty of Biosciences
Teaching language: NO
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Limits of class size:
There is only room for 12-15 students at a time. If there are more students, it will be considered to add another group.
Teaching exam periods:
This course starts in Spring parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in Spring parallel .
Course frequency: Annually
First time: 2016H
Preferential right:
BSc Plant Sciences bachelor
Course contents:
The course covers morphological and anatomical features of cultivated plants, with special emphasis on economically important parts and on methods of vegetative propagation.  The practicals (3 h per week) follow the life cycle of plants from seed to seed, and asexual reproduction of ornamentals, fruits and potatoes by cuttings, grafting etc.
Learning outcome:
  • To know important botanical concepts in plant anatomy and plant morphology
  • To relate them to important plant products in agricultural and horticultural crops
  • To know the most common methods for vegtative production in plants
Learning activities:
Practicals (with instruction) 3 h per week for 13 weeks and writing a report.
Teaching support:
Fronter. Discussions during practicals and report writing.

Raven's Biology of Plants,is recommendend as background for BIO247.

Skjelvåg, A.O. (2011) Frå frø til frø. Kompendium på Fronter (in Norwegian)

Billing Hansen, O (1997)  Planteformering. Andre utgåve. Kompendium på Fronter (in Norwegian)

Supplert med øvingshefte.(in Norwegian)

BOT100 and BOT130, or equivalent
Recommended prerequisites:
BIO120 or equivalent is advisable.
Mandatory activity:
Report and practicals are mandatory.
Written examination with multiple choice (3 hours), A - E / Ikke bestått
Nominal workload:
150 h
Entrance requirements:
Special requirements in Science
Reduction of credits:
Supplement BIO244 and BIO245, with limited overlap in some practicals.
Type of course:
3 h per week
Mandatory for B-PV, but also recommended for B-BIOL, B-BIOTEK, M-LUN, B-MAT and others.
Examination details: One written exam: A - E / Ikke bestått