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Course idsort ascending Course title Teaching language ECTS credits
ZOOL310 Behavioural and Population Ecology EN, NO 10
ZOOL300 Ecological Entomology EN, NO 10
ZOOL250 Behavioural Ecology NO 10
ZOOL240 Entomology II NO 10
ZOOL220 Entomology NO 5
ZOOL210 Vertebrates NO 10
ZOOL100 General Zoology NO 5
VU-LAB160 Course in Laboratory Animal Science (FELASA B) NO 10
VH-LAB Laboratory animal science for researchers NO 10
VETFORSK410 Introduction to Biostatistics EN 3
VETFORSK360 Laboratory Animal Science for Research Workers 10
VETF361 Seminar NO 4
VET433 Research stay: EN, NO 6
VET433 Research stay: EN, NO 6
VET421 Midterm evaluation EN, NO 3
VET420 Writing the PhD thesis EN, NO 2
VET414 Applied statistics for experimental and laboratory oriented studies in veterinary science EN, NO 5
VET411 Introduction to veterinary epidemiology EN 7.5
VET410 Introduction to biostatistics EN 3
VET403 Scientific publication EN 1
VET400 Introduction to ethical and philosophical perspectives in biomedical research EN 5
VET342 Clinical Communication, Mental Health and Clinic Management 1.5
VET341 Veterinary Public Health, Part 2 NO 4.5
VET340 Wildlife and Exotic Pet Medicine EN, NO 1
VET339 Differentiation Course in Laboratory Animal Science NO 1
VET337 Insemination of Production Animal 3
VET336 Special Pathology, Introduction to Diagnostic Work and Animal Welfare NO 27
VET335 Laboratory animal science NO 1.5
VET334 Introduction to Diagnostic Work and Veterinary Public Health NO 8.5
VET333 Veterinary Practice Management NO 3
VET332 Project Spesific Differentiation NO 7.5
VET331 Differentiation in Aquatic Animal Medicine NO 27.5
VET330 Differentiation in Equine Medicine NO 32.5
VET329 Differentiation in Companion Animal Medicine NO 32.5
VET328 Differentiation in Production Animal Medicine and Food Safety NO 32.5
VET327 Animal Welfare NO 5
VET326 Project Thesis 40
VET325 Thesis NO 20
VET324 Thesis NO 15
VET323 Compulsory Practices NO 0
VET322 Infection Prevention and Control NO 1.5
VET320 Research Methodology and Writing a Thesis NO 1.5
VET319 State Veterinary Medicine NO 4.5
VET316 Production Animal Medicine NO 17
VET315 Companion Animal and Equine Medicine NO 17.5
VET314 Pathology NO 16.5
VET313 Aquatic Animal Medicine and Fish Health NO 7.5
VET309 Food Safety NO 19.5
VET308 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology NO 15
VET307 Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology NO 24
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