Privacy at the Centre for Continuing Education

Personvern ved SEVU

Here we provide information on how the Centre for Continuing Education (SEVU) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) collects and uses personal data.

Data controller

The principal of NMBU is the data controller for the institution’s processing of personal data. The daily responsibility for SEVU’s processing of personal data has been delegated to the department’s director at SEVU. The delegation encompasses the tasks only and not the responsibility. 

Grounds for processing personal data

The processing is authorized in the provisions of Section 4-15 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges and Article 6(1)(b),(e) and (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Registration for courses/seminars/conferences, etc.

Personal data are all forms of data, information and assessments that may be linked to you as an individual. SEVU is solely responsible for the activities organised by SEVU and not similar activities that are otherwise carried out by other entities at NMBU.

We collect information to provide you with the best possible services. When you sign up for any of our courses or other events, or if you report your interest in a course, we store the information you voluntarily provided to us by completing the registration form. This includes, among other things, name, position, email address, employer, billing address, hotel reservation and any other information that you have voluntarily provided. We use this information to process your order, including billing, sending reminders, attendee lists, course materials and course certificates, and addressing special needs, such as food allergies. Attendee lists may contain your name and the name of your business where you work. They may be distributed electronically or on paper to all participants and lecturers for the activity that you are attending. Hotel reservations, which include your name, contact details and whether you need accommodation or just a day package, will be forwarded to the conference hotel.

Information about food allergies will be forwarded to the providers of food. We do not disclose the names of those who have food allergies.

We use or for registration. We delete information in and within a year once the activity including all the post-work has been completed. 

Link to the privacy policy statement for

Link to the privacy policy statement for 

Common Student System (Felles Studentsystem, FS)

When you participate in our courses, your personal data will be recorded, processed and stored in the Common Student System (Felles Studentsystem, FS) The purpose of the processing personal data in the Common Student System is to safeguard your rights as a course participant and to fulfil NMBU’s tasks and duties under the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges

It is necessary for NMBU to process your personal data so that NMBU, for example, can

  • process your application for admission to study programmes/subjects/courses
  • perform the necessary administration regarding your course and you as a student
  • document your academic achievements

A number of web applications such as Søknadsweb, Nominasjonsweb and Studentweb are part of the Common Student System. This means that data recorded in these applications are also stored in the Common Student System. The data in the Common Student System is reported in various contexts to a number of parties/businesses.

Links to the privacy policy statements for study administration systems can be found here: 


At NMBU, Canvas is used for teaching purposes, and sometimes also during exams. This means that Instructure, which develops and operates Canvas, will have access to your personal data. In this event, we send personal data such as name, student number, unique ID in the Common Student System, educational notifications, the course you attend, email address and in certain cases the grade on assignments submitted.

Link to the privacy policy statement for Instructure: 

Our customers and the use of MailChimp

Since it is becoming ever more important to remain professionally up-to-date throughout one’s entire career, course participants often attend several of our courses. In the autumn of 2018, all existing customers, ie. all course participants, were entered into a database (MailChimp). These were categorized in relation to subject areas so that we will be able to send them information on relevant courses and any other academic information/updates. In this way, we take into account the fact that existing customers want information about relevant offers (Section 15 of the Marketing Control Act). 

After three years, the customers that were manually entered into the base, will be notified that they no longer will receive information from us unless they provide an active consent for receiving such information. This will happen successively at the turn of the year every January. Anyone who does not provide such consent will be deleted from MailChimp for good.

MailChimp allows the individual to reserve/unsubscribe at any given time. When they receive course updates/newsletters from us, all customers (course participants) will be made aware of the option to unsubscribe from our lists.

Link to the privacy policy statement for MailChimp: 

Right to erasure

In some cases, you have the right to require us to delete your personal data. The right to erasure is not an unconditional right and whether or not you have the right to erasure must be considered in connection with the Personal Data Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. If you wish to have your personal data erased, please contact us. It is desirable that you justify why you want the personal data to be erased and, if possible, also state what personal data you want deleted. We will then assess whether the legal conditions for requiring erasure are met. Please note that the legislation in some cases allows us to make exceptions to the right to erasure. For example, this would be the case when we need to store the personal data in order to fulfil are obligations in the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, or to safeguard important societal interests such as archiving, research and statistics. 

Contact details

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