20 Jan - Marit Smistad (VET)

English title of thesis
"Piecing together the chain of infection for Streptococcus dysgalactiae in sheep and dairy cows- risk factors, sources, and genomic diversity of bacterial strains"

Norwegian title of thesis
"Undersøkelser av infeksjonskjeden for Streptococcus dysgalactiaeinfeksjoner i norsk sauehold og melkekubesetninger- risikofaktorer, kilder og genomisk diversitet"

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture
“Improving Lamb Survival: The Application of Science into Farming and Veterinary Practice”

Date: 20 January 2023 (Oslo time)
- 0900 hrs: Trial lecture (including questions and comments)
- 1000 hrs: Break
- 1100 hrs: Public defense

Venue: Auditorium Hippocampus

All are welcome to attend this event in Auditorium Hippocampus (no prior registration is required). 

Evaluation committee
First Opponent: Dr. Ylva Persson, National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Sweden
Second Opponent: Dr. Jennifer Duncan, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Committee Coordinator: Associate Professor Hans Petter Kjæstad, NMBU, Norway

Main supervisor: Dr. Hannah Joan Jørgensen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
Co-supervisor: Dr. Trine L’Abée-Lund, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
Co-supervisor: Dr. Cecilia M. Wolff, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Davide Porcellato, NMBU, Norway
Co-supervisor: Dr. Anne Cathrine Whist, Tine SA, Norway

A PDF version of Marit Smistad's PhD thesis can be download here. The link is valid through 20 January 2023, after which the thesis will be made available in NMBU Brage

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