8 Sep - Johanne Heitmann Solheim (REALTEK)

Norwegian title of thesis:
"Modellering av spredning og absorpsjon i vibrasjonsspektroskopi av celler og vev"

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
"Light-matter interactions in optical spectroscopy: Basic concepts and selected applications to biology"

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:
Thursday 8 September 2022

12:15 Trial lecture
13:30 Public defence

Place: Auditorium SKP (SKP151), Kirkeveien 16, NMBU

Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Professor Ganesh Sockalingum, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France
Second opponent: Professor Fiona M. Lyng, Technological University Dublin, Ireland
Committee coordinator: Professor Gaute Einevoll, REALTEK, NMBU

Main supervisor: Professor Achim Kohler, REALTEK, NMBU
Co-supervisor: PhD Ferenc Borondics, Soleil Synchrotron, France

The doctoral thesis is available for public review. If you want access to the thesis in pdf, please send an email to phd-realtek(at)nmbu.no.
Please include name of candidate and thesis number 2022:53, ISSN: 1894-6402, ISBN 978-82-575-2002-1

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