13 May – Cathrine Brekke (BIOVIT)

Norwegian title of thesis:

"Genetisk variasjon i rekombinasjonsrater og genetisk omstokking hos gris, storfe og Atlanterhavslaks"

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:

“Opportunities and limitations for genomic prediction in cattle, pigs and salmon, displayed by breeders equation”

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:

Friday 13 May at 12.15, H109 Husdyrfagbygningen, NMBU
Alternatively, you may attend this event via Zoom: https://nmbu.zoom.us/j/62303978831

Evaluation committee:

Prof. Dirk-Jan de Koning, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Ass. Prof. Nadia D. Singh, University of Oregon
Prof. Hans Magnus Gjøen, NMBU


Main supervisor: Prof. Peer Berg, NMBU
Co-supervisor: Prof. Sigbjørn Lien, NMBU
Co-supervisor: Dr. Susan E Johnston, The University of Edinburgh
Co-supervisor: Researcher Arne Gjuvsland, Norsvin/Geno
Co-supervisor: Dr. Tim Martin Knutsen, Aquagen


The doctoral thesis is available for public review. For those who would like to have access to the thesis please send an e-mail to: phd-biovit@nmbu.no
Name of PhD candidate: Cathrine Brekke
Thesis number 2022:17, ISSN 1894-6402, ISBN 978-82-575-1892-9

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